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Mindfulness: On rest days

I'm coming to really appreciate the importance of rest days. During my last training cycle, I had so many days when I was overtrained, undernourished and most importantly, absolutely knackered. It caused me some real problems both professionally and personally- a unique combination of grouchiness and inefficiency that only prolonged endurance training can bring. In… Continue reading Mindfulness: On rest days

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The Protein Works: Vegan Protein Review

As I've mentioned, I'm making a few explorations into the plant-based lifestyle. For me, that also includes finding a vegan protein shake to supplement with on the rare occasions I find myself lacking in protein. Additionally, I'm lactose intolerant- so whilst I do occasionally drink whey protein, it upsets my stomach and skin. So even… Continue reading The Protein Works: Vegan Protein Review

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My 5 Essential Strength Moves

I'm a relative noob when it comes to strength training. I realised a little too late on in marathon training quite how weak I was, and so now I've decided to implement a strength-training routine into my everyday life. For me, the approach that’s always worked best for me is gently gently - little and often. And so this… Continue reading My 5 Essential Strength Moves

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Me and my running form

Let's just take a moment to appreciate this badass... I love Mo Farah. When I first started racing, I would watch his 10K pro tips video on Youtube whilst I ate my pre-race breakfast. (Sadly, that video has since disappeared). Mo is one of my favourite athletes, and I've spent many an hour watching his form, reading… Continue reading Me and my running form


Swimming for Runners 101

Under strict instructions from my sports massage therapist, I have taken up swimming. I do it with the attitude of a sullen thirteen year-old, but I do it nonetheless. Given that I am a newbie to 'proper' swimming, it's been a steep learning curve, and I thought I'd share my findings with you. General Facts… Continue reading Swimming for Runners 101