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Me and my running form

Let's just take a moment to appreciate this badass... I love Mo Farah. When I first started racing, I would watch his 10K pro tips video on Youtube whilst I ate my pre-race breakfast. (Sadly, that video has since disappeared). Mo is one of my favourite athletes, and I've spent many an hour watching his form, reading… Continue reading Me and my running form

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Review: Jabra Sport Headphones

At the start of the year, I was lucky enough to be gifted a set of Jabra wireless headphones through my work. My company has done some branding work for GN/Jabra, and these were a corporate perk-slash-bonus present. And so, I thought I’d give them a review. Firstly, being wireless, they’re very convenient and get… Continue reading Review: Jabra Sport Headphones

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Triathlon Times

Remember at the start of the year, when I said I was gonna do my first triathlon? Yeah, about that... I decided not to do it.   Big surprise, I know, given that I haven't swum or cycled all freakin' year. So let's go through my logic. Why I decided to do a triathlon in the first place:… Continue reading Triathlon Times

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This Girl Eats: Beond

This post is not sponsored by Beond, I just bloody love their products.  My relationship with food hasn't always been the easiest, and when training for a big race, that becomes even more of an issue than it usually would be. To complicate matters further, I'm trying a no-Gu approach to marathon training. On my long slow runs… Continue reading This Girl Eats: Beond

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For the love of lifting

I have recently begun a proper, legit strength training program. This has been a long time coming when I think about it, since I have long followed and admired Youtubers such as Megan Gallagher, Jazmine Garcia and Chelsea Karabin. But the idea of lifting, and lifting heavy was something that took me a while to… Continue reading For the love of lifting