Mindfulness: On rest days

I’m coming to really appreciate the importance of rest days. During my last training cycle, I had so many days when I was overtrained, undernourished and most importantly, absolutely knackered. It caused me some real problems both professionally and personally- a unique combination of grouchiness and inefficiency that only prolonged endurance training can bring.

In an attempt to not fuck up my life in general and, more specifically, in my Autumn training cycle, I’m taking a ton more rest days and paying closer attention to what my body needs. This image sums it up nicely- oh, we love you Mindy.




Mondays are my rest day. I get home from work, I put on my PJs, and I watch hours of TV whilst playing Candy Crush or Whatsapping my friends. It’s the exact opposite of what most people would call ‘healthy’, but it nourishes my soul and gives me time to recuperate for the week ahead. Hopefully, it will stand me in good stead for the training season ahead!

What’s your rest day routine? And any new TV shows I should try out?

Lots of love,





The Power Up Playlist 2.0

Following the positive feedback on The Power Up Playlist, I decided to make another one. I should also say that this was inspired in part by Inverted Sneakers’ What I’m Working Out to Wednesday– thanks girl!

Whilst last month’s was dominated by rap, the theme of this month appears to be The Remix. I credit soundcloud for revamping my taste in music, and I’ve made some great discoveries this month.

Again, this is pretty NSFW.

What are you working out to at the moment? Any good remixes I should check out?

Lots of love,


The Power Up Playlist 1.0

I may not be doing a lot of running lately, but I am still lifting, cycling and dragging my ass to the swimming pool at stupid o’clock in the morning. For all of these activities, I need a pretty decent Power Up Playlist. It’s also very useful for general motivation- exciting things are happening in my life at the moment and it’s great to have some music to get me in boss mode!

Side note: pretty much this entire playlist is explicit, and therefore NSFW. But damn it gets me pumped!

Side note 2: I’ve run to all of these in the past and they’re usually a good tempo for me!

Without further ado…

What tracks are on your Power Up Playlist at the moment? I’m always looking for new additions!

Lots of love