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Keeping Healthy When Travelling Frequently

1. Drink green tea 2. Avoid any unfamiliar foods, or places with bad food hygiene. I once walked into a salad bar, started to order, saw some flies, and immediately walked out. No excuses, no embarrassment. It's simply not worth getting the shits for. 3. Take an effervescent vitamin in the 3 days leading up… Continue reading Keeping Healthy When Travelling Frequently

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My Favourite Supermarket Snacks

My first few weeks in Mexico were hectic. We would typically have 3 to 4 meetings a day, all on opposite sides of the city. This meant much time spent in taxis, and eating from the meagre selection of healthy foods available at mini-marts. So what did I do? At the very first opportunity, I… Continue reading My Favourite Supermarket Snacks

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Weird things that happen to you when you live in a hotel

1. You become a bit of a slob. Although my hotel room is never horrific, it's always at a state of kind-of-messy because I do just enough that the cleaners can actually do their job. 2. You get creative when it comes to health. For instance, I take a complimentary apple every evening when I walk through… Continue reading Weird things that happen to you when you live in a hotel