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The May-June Roundup

I can’t believe it’s July already…though it doesn’t really feel like it because British Summer is doing what it always does, and the sun has barely made an appearance. But still, it’s time for my roundup of what’s been going on, and what I’ve been loving in the past month or so. Iced Coffee Super… Continue reading The May-June Roundup

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Pret, Insight and the Humble Avocado

Back in April when UK favourite Pret a Manger announced plans for a veggie pop-up in Soho, the concept was met with mixed reactions. Whilst veggies and vegans across the capital jumped for joy, many omnivores were left unconvinced. The announcement, made crucially via the CEO's blog, actually predicted a 30% loss at the Broadwick Street… Continue reading Pret, Insight and the Humble Avocado

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Review: Jabra Sport Headphones

At the start of the year, I was lucky enough to be gifted a set of Jabra wireless headphones through my work. My company has done some branding work for GN/Jabra, and these were a corporate perk-slash-bonus present. And so, I thought I’d give them a review. Firstly, being wireless, they’re very convenient and get… Continue reading Review: Jabra Sport Headphones

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What happened to February?

Wow folks. That's a whole two months of 2016 just gone! They've absolutely flown by, and it's time for me to finally reflect on the first two months of the year. My new job is going really well. I now work in Operations for a brand consultancy agency and feel like I've slotted right into the family. It's a… Continue reading What happened to February?

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Real Running Fuel

As I mentioned a few months ago, I'm really trying to fuel my training season with real foods. I wanted to eschew the standard GUs and gels, substituting them for good old-fashioned whole foods. Now I'm not gonna lie, I do still eat "bad" foods every once in a while- because what's life without fun- but I'm trying… Continue reading Real Running Fuel