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Mindfulness: Podcast of the month

Recently I've been falling back in love with the podcast, so I thought I'd start sharing them with you. This really combines my two great passions, the reasons I began this blog; fitness and mindfulness. I listen to podcasts on train journeys or long runs, and I'm amazed at how inspired they make me. They give… Continue reading Mindfulness: Podcast of the month

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The Power Up Playlist 2.0

Following the positive feedback on The Power Up Playlist, I decided to make another one. I should also say that this was inspired in part by Inverted Sneakers' What I'm Working Out to Wednesday- thanks girl! Whilst last month's was dominated by rap, the theme of this month appears to be The Remix. I credit… Continue reading The Power Up Playlist 2.0

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The Power Up Playlist 1.0

I may not be doing a lot of running lately, but I am still lifting, cycling and dragging my ass to the swimming pool at stupid o'clock in the morning. For all of these activities, I need a pretty decent Power Up Playlist. It's also very useful for general motivation- exciting things are happening in my… Continue reading The Power Up Playlist 1.0