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I tried my first gel

And I feel like a hypocrite. I've posted a few times that I'd like to try and fuel naturally throughout this training season- and by natural, I mean "real food" i.e. granola bars, bananas and at a push, jelly beans. I basically didn't want to become reliant on gels, and the whole idea of them… Continue reading I tried my first gel

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A Milestone Run: The 20-miler

Ok let's talk about that time I ran 20 miles, because I still can’t believe I did that. Seriously. If I’m being completely honest, the whole run was a bit of a blur so I’ll recap what I can remember! I'd been horrifically sick on the Friday and Saturday, and decided to take the pressure… Continue reading A Milestone Run: The 20-miler

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Two Milestone Runs, Part 1: The 10-Miler

I've reached that stage in my training plan where most of my runs are further than I've ever run before. Or faster. Or in some way unknown. Two weeks ago, I did my first ten-miler, and then this weekend I ran a very slow half marathon along the Thames. It's been lovely so far, although I have to… Continue reading Two Milestone Runs, Part 1: The 10-Miler

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My First: City Cycling Experience

About a month ago I bought my gorgeous new bike, and in doing so became a London Cyclist. This is never a title I wanted if I'm being completely honest; cycling in London always seemed far too dangerous, stressful and frankly life-endangering for me. But nonetheless, once I'd bought the bike, I thought why not. It… Continue reading My First: City Cycling Experience

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My First Time: Pacing

As I mentioned in my most recent rundown, I recently paced a fellow runner. Whilst I’d been wanting to try pacing for a while, my reasons behind doing so this particular weekend weren’t entirely selfless. I wanted to run myself, but my injury definitely wouldn’t allow me to race (I could almost hear my physio’s… Continue reading My First Time: Pacing