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My 5 Essential Strength Moves

I'm a relative noob when it comes to strength training. I realised a little too late on in marathon training quite how weak I was, and so now I've decided to implement a strength-training routine into my everyday life. For me, the approach that’s always worked best for me is gently gently - little and often. And so this… Continue reading My 5 Essential Strength Moves

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Pret, Insight and the Humble Avocado

Back in April when UK favourite Pret a Manger announced plans for a veggie pop-up in Soho, the concept was met with mixed reactions. Whilst veggies and vegans across the capital jumped for joy, many omnivores were left unconvinced. The announcement, made crucially via the CEO's blog, actually predicted a 30% loss at the Broadwick Street… Continue reading Pret, Insight and the Humble Avocado

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Triathlon Times

Remember at the start of the year, when I said I was gonna do my first triathlon? Yeah, about that... I decided not to do it.   Big surprise, I know, given that I haven't swum or cycled all freakin' year. So let's go through my logic. Why I decided to do a triathlon in the first place:… Continue reading Triathlon Times

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The Dangers of Comparison

I've always struggled with constantly comparing myself to others. I was like this as a child, but I think going to Cambridge with a load of other Type As really reinforced this in me. And at the very start of my training for Manchester, I was feeling inadequate- not just because I had started my… Continue reading The Dangers of Comparison

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50 Things I Learned Whilst Training for a Marahon

As a caveat to this- I don't know much about running and certainly don't claim to be an expert by any means. However, I learned a lot whilst training for my first marathon- both personally and about my sport. So here's my take on lessons learned. You’re capable of more than you think Tempo miles… Continue reading 50 Things I Learned Whilst Training for a Marahon