The Comeback Chronicles: January

Well hello there! How’s 2018 treating everyone so far? Is it just me, or has January seemed like the longest month ever? It’s been bleak here in London, and it’s been a tough one for everyone. All that complaining aside, it’s time for a little update:

What’s been going on

Back to work! It’s been much less hectic at my office recently, which has meant that I’ve only been working late one night a week or so. In general I’ve had a better work-life balance, but that has been recently scuppered by a nasty virus that’s been going round the office. I’ve had a weekend in bed, with no exercise and nothing to do with myself – and honestly I’m climbing the walls!

Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 15.00.07


Recent illness aside, things have been going well, fitness-wise. I’ve been switching it up recently, and have been doing 2-4 HiiT workouts a week, combined with 1-2 gentle runs. I have to say they’ve been kicking my butt, and I can definitely feel a difference in my overall fitness and muscles – after only a few weeks. I can’t wait to see how I get on for the next few months!




Like I said, I’ve been running 1-2 times a week – normally once, commuting home from work, and a second time, on a Saturday morning with my friend Ashley and her dog, Otto. Although I never want to actually drag myself out of bed on a Saturday, it’s great to start the weekend off well.

Screen Shot 2018-01-29 at 20.51.37.png


My main focus at the moment is still to eat a vegan diet – but given the amount of exercise I’m currently doing, I’m being especially careful about my protein intake.  I’m using a variety of different protein shakes, in addition to my usual diet of legumes and veggies. My two favourites right now are My Protein Superfood in Strawberry, and Prana Protein in Chocolate.

Oh, and protein oatmeal…

Everything else

I’ve been trying to focus – as always – on maintaining balance in my life. I’m still seeing my therapist, and I’m really trying to focus on putting all the pieces back together. I bought a yoga membership, with the hopes of actually making it to a class every once in a while! The ultimate goal is to get in good enough physical shape to be back into running; but for now, I have to find other forms of therapy.

So what about you – how do you strike balance in life? 

Lots of love,




2 thoughts on “The Comeback Chronicles: January”

  1. Happy 2018! Nice that you “run-commute”- that’s the best way to fit it all in! I am just excited for some warmer weather in Boston, it has been pretty brutal lately! Here’s hoping that spring comes soon! Enjoy it all! 🙂

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  2. Ah! Pretty protein oatmeal! Love that you run commute…I’ve been thinking about doing that some days once the semester is done.
    Also, “99 problems and go to the gym to ignore them” is my motto, but I tell myself I’m helping recharge to face my problems. 🙂 hope you have a great February!

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