The Comeback Chronicles: Episode 10

Well hello there folks! How is everyone? It’s that time of the week again – so settle in with a nice cuppa tea and let’s catch up, shall we?

What’s been going on

I’m moving house next week! And then immediately going on holiday! So there’s some good and some slightly stressful. To be honest I’m not quite there yet when it comes to looking forward to my holiday, but once the  move is done, I’ll be able to get excited.

malaga-2 (1).jpg
Cannot wait for my holiday


Errr. It’s been going okay, I guess? I mean I pulled a muscle and all, and I’ve been crazy busy – but it’s been okay,  I think. Here’s what I managed to get done last week:

  • Monday: Weights, pull-ups, calisthenics type things and then half an hour of cardio
  • Tuesday: Half an hour of cardio, some calisthenics moves & abs
  • Wednesday: Half an hour of cardio, some calisthenics moves & abs
  • Thursday: Rest day  – I pulled my lat from doing too many pull-ups. Oops.
  • Friday: 30 minutes running – yay!
  • Saturday: Rest day!
  • Sunday: Rest day – rather reluctantly this time, as I seem to be coming down with something.


Ouch. And yes, I had to Google this.


I managed a whole thirty minutes running this week (!) – not ideal. I would love to be able to run more, but with one thing and another it’s just not happening. I pulled my shoulder/rib/waist, plus now I think i’m on the brink of coming down with something. And with a house move and a holiday on the horizon, I’m not risking getting sick! In other news, it’s looking like I won’t be running Vilnius Half Marathon in September. Some days I can barely walk when I get up in the morning, and so training for a big goal race is just not feasible right now. It’s a huge shame, but also I was kind of prepared for it right from the start. You live and learn.

It woulda been sweet, Vilnius

Everything Else

As mentioned in my last post, things have been tricky recently with a big Family Situation. I’m going to be sharing more on my coping strategies and self-care soon, but let’s just say I’m making a much bigger effort to take care of myself as opposed to just trying to be strong for everyone else. The motto of the story: I’m not okay. But that’s okay.

JK guys, I’m fine I swear


So that’s all from me!


What’s been going on with you?


Lots of love,




2 thoughts on “The Comeback Chronicles: Episode 10”

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