The Comeback Chronicles: Episode 6

Hey folks, how’s it all going? Time for your weekly recap!  Here’s whats been going on with me the past week:

What’s been going on

It’s been crazy busy at work this week. I’ve been pretty much spinning plates. But the plates are on fire. And I’m doing the hula. And did I mention the floor is lava? Well yeah, it’s been one of those weeks. On top of that it’s been hot as balls in the UK and the air con in my office was broken, so it’s been a bit of a struggle all things considered.



Well I tried. And you cannot fault me for trying. I went to the gym Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday morning, with lungs that apparently couldn’t breathe in the hot air and legs that fought me all the way. Come Thursday, I decided my body needed some rest, and felt altogether more human for it. As a side note, does anyone else get the overtraining bitchiness?

Here are the workouts I managed to complete:

  • Monday: 20 minutes stair master, 10 minutes running, abs & inversions
  • Tuesday: 20 minutes running, 10 minutes spinning, abs & inversions
  • Wednesday: 30 minutes spinning, abs & inversions
  • Thursday: Rest day!
  • Friday: Bonus after-work workout: 20 minutes spinning & inversions.
  • Saturday: Rest day!
  • Sunday: Killer calisthenics workout, 30 minute cycle, abs & inversions




I only managed to get in ten minutes running this week. My calves are utterly screwed – a recurrent injury that actually forced me to pull out of Budapest Marathon last year. I’ve self-prescribed rest and a sports massage – maybe even some yoga. But basically, it’s not been going so well. To add insult to injury, I was supposed to be running the Salomon Sunset 10k on Saturday – a night run that celebrated one of the longest days of the year – but I had to pull out under strict orders of people far more expert than me! To say I’d been looking forward to this race is an understatement, and so I was thoroughly disappointed to have to cancel.

Everything else

My mood has been a little low recently, which I attribute to a general state of burnout. As a result, I spent most of the weekend watching Black Mirror in my PJs. I’m feeling much better now – thank god for Netflix!


How’s your week been?

Lots of love,




2 thoughts on “The Comeback Chronicles: Episode 6”

  1. Bummer about your calves. Have you looked into your shoes at all? I can’t run with a small drop or I end up with super tight calves, but I’ve also known people that get screwed over with their calves if the drop is too large as well! I also had a calf issue for a while due to a tight hip on the opposite side, so there’s just so many things that can cause that! Looks like you still got some good workouts in this week, though. Stairmaster = stairs of death.


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