The Comeback Chronicles: Episode 5

Uhhh so it’s been a hot minute since i posted on here… apologies all round. Since I’m trying to get over myself and actually write something, I thought I’d share where I’m at currently, and what’s been happening recently.

What’s been going on

  • Summer has arrived in the UK and it’s hot as balls.
  • I’m a month into a new job and things are ramping up nicely.
  • Things have been a bit horrific in the UK politically, and that’s part of what’s led me to hide away under my pillow.
  • I’m in a bit of a lull with fitness – but maybe that’s the heat.

Screen Shot 2017-06-10 at 12.18.18


I’ve been trying to switch up my workouts to first thing in the morning, with about a 50% success rate. What’s bothering me about my morning workout attempts:

  1. I hate mornings.
  2. I’m not having very efficient workouts in the morning, (see above).
  3. I feel slightly rushed and don’t have time to play around and try new things.

I’m hoping that this is just part of the transitional phase, and that my workouts will get better as I start to get more used to being up earlier in the morning. For now I’ll generally get to the gym and do something fairly straightforward like the step machine or spin bike, before moving onto bodyweight and kettlebell circuits once I’m a bit more awake. My main goal at the moment is to be able to do a pull up – I’ll keep you posted on that one!



I’m in a funk with running, it has to be said. I’ve been going through the motions but not really feeling it. My ankle is still sore, and my calves are stiff pretty much every morning when I wake up. So it’s not ideal. I’m supposed to be running a Salomon Sunset Run this weekend but honestly I’m not sure I’m up to it. My calves feel raw and sore, and I think it might just be time for some TLC.

Everything else

I’ve been really busy recently with work, family time and hanging out with friends – a real priority since my birthday, when everyone was so lovely and reminded me how many people I have around me. As much as I love spending time with those close to me, I haven’t had much breathing space, and so I plan on getting some real self-care in over the weekend (read: sleep. God, i need sleep). But all things considered, it’s not a bad, heading for burnout kind of stress like I was feeling a few months ago – it’s more a whirlwind of activity, which I can definitely get on board with.



How have you been? What’s new in your world? 

How do I get my mojo back?


Lots of love,




9 thoughts on “The Comeback Chronicles: Episode 5”

  1. I find that challenging goals really help me get motivated. I’m signed up for the Chicago marathon and have set a ambitious goal. I don’t like to fail so maybe that’s why it works for me. I hope you find your mojo!

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  2. Hey, happens to us all. You’ve got to have a plan I think. Then, it gives you something to ‘attack’. There are plenty of days I feel ‘can’t be arsed’ at all. My calves are in a similar state but I always think.. “it’s just muscle fatigue. I can overcome that!” However, every so often I book myself in to get a sport massage (tonight & next week :-)).
    I know what the morning change is like. The transition is pretty tiring for a bit but you do get used to it. Some of the runs I did weren’t fab but they ‘got done’ and actually when you look back at it, you did something when most folks are still sleeping. That always made it feel nicer.
    Don;t be too harsh on yourself Pip. Stay injury free and enjoy.


  3. I’ve been trying to hide away since the November election here in the US, so I totally get it. Unfortunately, my job forces me to pay attention to politics and the policies being put into place so I can’t be in denial as much as I wish to be. You’ll get back to running – it’s so hard in the summer. Take your time, do workouts that you enjoy, and that desire will come back!

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  4. So it’s been awhile since I’ve visited… but that’s exciting that “running” is now a word used on your post again! Even if it’s not the best, but hey, that’s progress from that boot for sure. I’ve been coaching a 5K program this summer, and even though I enjoy the people, I’m finding that schedule of 2 nights a week of running with them is leaving me very little time for myself and my family, which is a bummer for sure. I think I have to stop saying “yes” to things!!

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  5. Take a break. I think the heat gets to us all (pasty white folk on these islands off the coast of Europe, bless us!). Sometimes you just need to hold off and recharge. As some of the posters above have said, a challenge is a good thing to motivate us, but if set too soon, or too high, it can have the opposite effect. Sometimes just the thought of a challenge is enough to get you going again, but there’s no rush. You are still doing plenty to keep fit. I think you’ve already worked out that the pressure is on the mental side, and not the physical. ‘Mens sana in corpore sano’ works both ways. Relax. Refuel. Recharge.

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