2017 Goals: A Quarterly Check In

Well folks, I thought it would be a good time to check in on the goals I set for 2017. Bearing in mind I ended 2016 with no job and my leg in a cast, I have to say things have improved considerably. That being said, reading through my running goals makes for depressing reading. But anyways, onwards and sconewards!

A Half Marathon

Lol no. However I’ve now booked Vilnius Half Marathon in Lithuania with my London City Athletics crew in September. Very excited to say the least, although I think my training is going to have to be a softly softly approach.

vilnius (1)

A Sub 1:45 Half Marathon

Again, it’s a no from me.

A Sub-45 10k

Shut up with the running goals already!

Move house!

Yup, haven’t  moved house either. Things have been kinda busy, kay?!

Parkrun at least once a month

Oops, my bad. However my LCAC crew is doing a bit of Parkrun tourism round London this Summer, so I’ll be getting well and truly involved in that.

Take at least one race vacation

Yes! Well, kind of. I have that running trip to Lithuania planned in September with the LCAC crew.

Squad Goals.

Read 52 books in 52 weeks of 2017!

We’re 17 weeks in to the year and I’m on 14 books. Not too shabby, but I need to up my game. I went through a phase of just reading really mechanically, which definitely made me re-evaluate the goal and remember my motivations for taking it on. Honestly, now I’m more focused on a balance between quantity and quality, and it seems to be paying off.


Do yoga at least once a week

I feel like I’ve nailed this at the very least. Thanks to my rooftop yoga practice and classes (wherever possible) at Another Space.

Explore a plant-based diet

Yup, pretty much 100% plant-based right now! I’m absolutely loving it, and weirdly feel like there’s so much more choice in my life. I have to say though, I’ve become completely obsessed with vegan cooking, and my cupboard is pretty much full to the brim with new and unusual health foods.

Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 17.29.32.png

Find a way to give back at least once a month

It’s not been so concrete as ticking something off my to-do list, but I would say I’m definitely giving back more. I’m kind of doing my own Happiness Project a la Gretchen Rubin, and April seems to be my month of giving back. In that spirit I’m trying to be more community-minded, and I definitely feel like it’s having a positive impact.

Up my photography game

Ehhh…. I guess my insta feed is pretty good! I’ve definitely been more focused on being creative, and the lovely sunny weather really helps. Hopefully I’ll be able to keep working on it!


Be able to do a single pull up

Okay I can now do an assisted pull up with around half my bodyweight supported. Not too shabby!


Ehhhh  no. My bad.

The Mantra: Move Your Frame

Thanks to not being on crutches, as well as getting back in the gym and doing regular yoga classes, I can definitely say Pip is back in Motion !


I guess we can say that I’m still a fair way off most of my goals, but that’s to be expected seeing that I started the year on crutches, jobless and completely unable to walk, let alone run. All things considered, I’d say that I’ve coped well with pretty much everything 2017 has thrown at me so far, and I’m looking forward to the rest of it!

What were your goals for 2017- how are you getting on so far? 


Lots of love,




11 thoughts on “2017 Goals: A Quarterly Check In”

  1. I don’t think it’s failing at your goals so much – your life and passions have simply gone in a different direction than you planned. I think it’s telling which goals are empty and which are successful – you haven’t met your running goals, but you’re flourishing in your yoga, nutrition, and photog goals. Sounds like this has turned into a year of discovery and shifting interests for you. Enjoy it!

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