The Crutch Chronicles: Episode 16

Oh hey there, it’s been a hot minute! Let’s have a quick recap of that whole injury thing. I feel that now that I’m 100% off crutches and basically back to normal, I should rename this series. But I also like that it serves as a reminder of how far I’ve come. Thoughts?


Where I’m at physically

Generally things are good with the old ankle. I’m weaning myself off wearing an ankle support for everyday activities like being at the office, but the fear of re-spraining the ankle is very real. Aside from some aching after running (onto that later) and a bit of swelling, I’m generally pain free – but I’m trying to walk as much as possible. It’s a perfect excuse to enjoy Spring in London.



I started the week at my Mum’s house in the countryside, taking a long weekend off work and travelling back on the Monday. Even though I was pretty knackered, I think I got a good week of workouts in!

  • Monday: Total rest day. As in, in bed napping by 6pm.
  • Tuesday: Sandbag circuits, 40 mins cardio & abs
  • Wednesday: Rest day – off to the physio!
  • Thursday: Kettlebell circuits, 40 mins cardio & abs
  • Friday: 30 mins cardio, some abs, and a walk down the South Bank because #summer.
  • Saturday: A day on my feet at the London Coffee festival, plus yoga to wind down in the evening
  • Sunday: Kettlebell & sandbag circuits, 20 mins running, 50 mins cardio, abs & stability work


Yoga on the rooftop ❤


Did I mention I’m loving the plant-based life?! Current favourites include avocado on toast, hummus and falafel, and a general mediteranean diet. Now that Spring is here I’m getting to eat lots of fresh strawberries and drink a ton of iced coffee – one of my favourite things in the world.

Post-yoga iced coffee on the rooftop


I went to see my physio on Wednesday evening, and honestly things went as well as can be expected. I’m allowed to do walk/run intervals, but I have to balance that out with plenty of rest days and a good dose of hopping. (Apparently hopping on the spot, then side to side, and then forward and backward, is the best way to get my ankle used to load-bearing). Overall they’re happy with my progress, although I got a serious warning about taking it too quickly- running twice in two days the week before had definitely taken its toll on me.



I got to run again today! As I just mentioned, I’ve been advised to take rest days in between load bearing (ie. hopping or running) days. But today I got to truly crank it out on the treadmill for a full 20 minutes of run/walk intervals. Although I still have to be careful, it’s fantastic to gradually gain confidence on the treadmill. I don’t pay any attention to pace, but just focus instead on good technique and rocking out to my favourite tunes. It feels so good to be back… even if that comes with a ton of conditions.

A sweaty mess but I don’t care!

Where I’m at mentally


Things are okay, I think. Being able to run again feels like a huge step in the right direction, although I’m still dealing with the Family Drama that’s draining a lot of my mental energy right now. It’s definitely an odd dynamic when running and exercise is your soul food – sometimes it’s hard to judge if a workout will tire you out or restore you mentally. But I guess it’s all about striking that balance!


How’s your week been? 

Do you struggle to strike a balance between running and rest?

Lots of love,




5 thoughts on “The Crutch Chronicles: Episode 16”

  1. Exercise is additive. If you over train and need extra rest days then the craving increases then turns into sluggishness and tiredness. So that balance is so important yet hard to achieve. I find good compression gear helps with recovery times. May be worth a look?


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