The Crutch Chronicles: Episode 13

Hello kittens! Here’s your weekly recap of how that whole broken ankle thing is going.

I wanted to clarify why I’m doing this- it’s not just to keep me sane, although at the start that had a lot to do with it.

It’s for anyone who’s struggling with an injury. When I was first injured, and on crutches and completely helpless – even the basic tasks such as making coffee and brushing my teeth were a struggle- I spent hours scouring the internet and reading blogs written by fellow injured athletes. I got so much value from their tips and tricks, as well as just knowing that someone got it. And so I write this update every week, just in case someone out there is injured and feeling shitty about life- you’ll get through it, I promise!

But since I’m 100% back to walking, it feels like I should rename this. The Comeback Chronicles maybe…?

Where I’m at physically

The old ankle is back to pretty damn sore at the moment, which isn’t ideal. Nonetheless I’m choosing to remain positive, and have been icing and elevating my leg.

Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 16.48.41



The week’s workouts were all pretty average, due to not taking a proper rest day and ploughing straight ahead. I needed these workouts from the viewpoint of mental wellbeing (work and life stress being what it is), but honestly my body would probably have thanked me for at least one night in with tea and TV.


The workouts were:

  • Monday: Sandbag deadlifts & squats, 30 mins cardio
  • Tuesday: Kettlebell circuit, 30 mins cardio
  • Wednesday: Kettlebell circuit, 20 mins cardio
  • Thursday: Sandbag deadlifts & squats, 30 mins cardio
  • Friday: A well-deserved freakin’ rest day
  • Saturday: A baby run, a 30-minute cycle, 20 mins cross trainer, 10 mins stepmaster, and a load of functional fitness-style circuits.
  • Sunday: Rest day! Current status: sat in coffee shop, caffienating. #win.

Despite the somewhat lacklustre weekday workouts (my own fault, for not taking a rest day), I’ve been in a really good place with my workouts. I’ve been focusing more on functional fitness, including lots of circuit training and bodyweight training. Special shoutout goes to Saturday’s workout. It was just one of those nothing, lazy weekend days, and the weather wasn’t great, so I just pitched up at the gym and got shit done. I had an epic soundtrack (to be shared soon, I promise) and I made a real effort to switch it up and try new exercises. Now though… legs are killing!



I’m still getting used to the plant-based lifestyle, and I have to say this week was pretty difficult, food-wise. On Tuesday and Wednesday it was like my metabolism suddenly caught up to the fact that I’ve been working out loads, and my stomach was honestly a bottomless pit of hunger. Since I’m not tracking calories or macros, it was quite difficult to figure out exactly what was going on, but I’ve found the solutions to be: 1. listening to my body and 2. adding more fat into my diet, at every meal. Hello hummus and peanut butter!

That plant-based life…


Following my first baby run back last week, my ankle was really quite sore. I had really faint bruising over the site of the original ligament rupture, and so I played it really safe, sticking to the eliptical and spin bike in the gym. Since it was feeling better by Saturday, I tried some more baby intervals, but honestly I’m not sure that was the best idea. Everything’s very sore, and I’m just making an effort to ice and compress the ankle. This ankle is getting treated like a queen (to quote my blogger pal Colby)!

Given how my ankle has been feeling since those two baby runs, I’ve had to acknowledge that I won’t be running marathons any time soon. Nonetheless, I remain optimistic that I’ll make an eventual comeback, and so my focus is making sure I comeback stronger and more balanced than previously. That means lots of yoga, lots of functional fitness, and lots of physiotherapy. It’s dull AF, but someone’s gotta do it.


Where I’m at mentally

I’m in a good place, I think. I’m still struggling with the lack of running, as well as the big Family Drama, but it certainly helps that Spring is right around the corner and there are more daylight hours – the seasons have always had a huge effect on me. In addition to all this, I’m seeing a therapist which is part crisis-management and part general housekeeping. It’s early days, but I think we’re making good progress.

How’s your week been?

Lots of love,



15 thoughts on “The Crutch Chronicles: Episode 13”

  1. Though injured, you are still getting in some great workouts! Good for you! It’s so easy to do nothing when you get injured. My ankle is getting back to normal but still bothers me randomly – lots of massage and foam rolling helps my tendon.

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  2. That salad looks delicious! I am sorry to hear things have maybe been a bit tough lately. I definitely hear you. Sometimes I feel it is all I can do to force myself to go about with a normal day getting all the things marked off my ‘to do’ list. The coming of spring and summer are certainly helping as well, though.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Kudos to you for keeping busy while injured! When I was out, all of the workouts I did to keep me sane totally helped me when I got back to running.
    I could never go plant-based but it’s cool to see others do it 🙂


  4. You’re getting some great workouts in despite your injury so well done! How is it feeling now? Are you feeling you’re getting stronger overall? The hunger thing is insane when you up the exercise! I just want to eat everything most of the time! Keep going, you’re doing great 🙂

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  5. I don’t stop by here often enough, but the great thing is that over the time I’ve missed, you’re making great progress! When I’m injured and can’t run I’m totally clueless on what I’m supposed to do in order to get a workout, so I’m really impressed at your full schedule of workouts! I will you keep you in mind as an example of how to get it done. Keep it up!!!

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  6. When I began my comeback from my stress fracture I found after a few sessions I could “feel” my foot. It wasn’t painful, but I was aware of it, if that makes sense. I took a little extra time off then resumed my comeback and had no further bother. I was even able to run my marathon (albeit more than a little undertrained!). Take care of that ankle and make sure you don’t push it too soon so you can get back to running healthily sooner. Stay positive!

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