February Favourites

February was a whirlwind month, huh? I’ve been super busy with work, rehab and getting back into a workout routine. The main focus of the month has been rest and relaxation, and so you’ll see that my favourites focus very much around that topic. Without further ado, let’s jump into things! 

Yogi Tea Breathe Deep Tea

This tea has been an absolute favourite of mine this month. I’ve been feeling pretty run down, and have been waking up with a cough and slight tightness in my chest. I picked this up on the way into work on Monday morning, and managed to finish the entire box in just under a week! I’ve combined copious amounts of this tea with listening to my body and taking more rest days, and I have to say it seems to have done the trick. Yogi tea for the win! 


Twinings Spiced Ginger Tea

Again, another caffeine-free tea. This stuff is so good though!


Yoga at Another Space

Oh man, have I needed my yoga over the past month. I found myself getting severe tension headaches, and aside from going for a massage, yoga is the only thing that sorts me out. Enter Another Space. Their yoga classes are fantastic, being relaxing and challenging in equal measure. Right now, I basically live for savasanah. 


Tisserand Relax Aromatherapy

As you may have guessed, I’m a little bit on edge this month, and therefore I’ve been experimenting with things like aromatherapy to help me keep my calm. Enter the Tisserant De-Stress blend-  a combination of orange, geranium and nutmeg oils, which works wonders on my mood. I have it as a rollerball to apply behind my ears and on my temples, but I’d also recommend getting it as an essential oil to diffuse.


Happier Podcast

I listen to this podcast every morning on the way into work, and it’s one of the joys of my daily routine. It sounds kind of superficial, but it actually contains some really good practical advice and old-fashioned wisdom on how to live a happier life in the day to day. One of their recent episodes covered the “Happiness Stumbling Block” which is the news, and hit the nail on the head with what I’ve been feeling recently- a conflict between wanting to stay well-informed and politically active, and the need to preserve my own faith in humanity. Give it a listen



This is a period drama on the BBC, starring the lovely Tom Hardy as James Delaney, a man long believed to be dead who returns from Africa to claim the rights to his late father’s shipping empire. Whether he’s mad or gifted remains to be seen, and nothing is quite what it seems. It makes for compelling viewing, and I’m completely entranced.


Pret Chana Chaat

I love love love this flatbread from Pret. It’s one of a few vegan options at the chain, and it has just been making my life so much easier in recent weeks. Often I’ll find myself on the go, or having a working lunch catered for at the office, and it’s so great to have an option ready to go. Plus, it tastes amazing!


That’s it for my favourites this month- a combination of things that have been keeping my stress levels to a manageable level. Life can be hard sometimes but it’s all about doing the best you can with what you have available to you- and that’s what I’m trying to do.

So tell me, what have been your favourites this month?

Any other de-stress products I should try?

Lots of love,



4 thoughts on “February Favourites”

  1. I don’t think that pic shows up at the start? But my wife and I are big fans of Taboo. I really love the costumes and the script, and the plot, and I think my wife might have a thing for Tom… Mind you, I guess it doesn’t fall into the realms of relaxation 😉

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