The Crutch Chronicles: Episode 10

Another week, another injury update! Spoiler alert: still not running. But nonetheless, the injury feels less and less like an injury as the days go on. Here’s where I’m at:

Where I’m at physically

I’m finally feeling a looser sensation in my ankle over the point which was affected worst by the fall. Flexibility and stability are still pretty dire, but I have hydrotherapy this week, and I’ve also been doing lots of yoga which has helped. It’s an odd place to be right now, because for all intents and purposes I look and feel normal, but I’m still missing that really key part of my life: running.



This was my third week back at the gym, and I managed to get in the following workouts:

30 minutes spinning + leg strength

30 minutes spinning + literally 10 bicep curls (oops)

20 minutes spinning + gentle stretching

I also managed to get in another yoga class at Another Space, which was absolutely gorgeous, and I was able to actually push myself in some areas such as leg and core flexibility. Nonetheless my ankle isn’t quite playing ball in terms of balance, and so there are some standing postures that I can’t quite get to. Nonetheless, progress is progress!



I haven’t checked in with my physio in the past week, mainly because I’m just being left to get on with it. I’m trying to incorporate balance and stability exercises into my daily routine, as well as stretching at the gym.

One of my key exercises is simply to stand on a half bosu ball or wobble board at the end of my gym session. It takes practice and engages all the tiny stabilising muscles in the foot and ankle, as well as the core. You get a few weird looks doing it, but I swear it really helps.


Meal prep has been where it’s at the past few days- cooking and prepping my food has been a real joy for me in the past few weeks. I’ve been eating lots of power bowls, which are essentially bowls crammed with all sorts of goodness, from hummus to broad beans; carrots to quinoa – just a hearty mix of all my favourite things!

Where I’m at mentally

I’m in a much better place emotionally than last week- mainly due to large amounts of sleep, food, and time spent with others . Sure, life is always going to be tricky, but I was reminded over the weekend of just how many people I have in my corner, ready and willing to help me out.


How’s your week been?

How do you cope with a lack of motivation?

Lots of love,



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