Reasons I Love to Run

It’s Valentines Day… yay…!

I’m not big on Valentines, even when I am in a relationship. But I thought instead I’d write a little love letter to one of the most enduring relationships in my life over the past few years… running.  Even though I cannot run right now, I am still grateful that it’s there, waiting for me whenever I am ready to return. So here we go; the reasons I love running.


  1. The quiet
  2. Hearing the sound of your own breathing
  3. Getting out in nature
  4. Clearing your mind entirely after a long day at work
  5. Exploring somewhere entirely new
  6. Finding new hidden places in a city you thought you knew well
  7. Those runs when you really don’t want to go, and it ends up being just what you needed
  8. Tempo miles
  9. Speedwork
  10. Pushing yourself to do something you think you can’t do
  11. And then doing it
  12. Turning a run into an hour-long therapy session
  13. Listening to podcasts
  14. And audiobooks
  15. Carving out space and time in your day just for yourself
  16. Race tees
  17. Swag bags
  18. Medals
  19. Warm coffee to soothe icy hands after a winter run
  20. Iced coffee after a humid run
  21. Post race PB&J sandwiches
  22. Running on cool summer evenings
  23. Being the only one out in the rain
  24. Post-run yoga
  25. Having a goal
  26. Feeling free
  27. Being alone
  28. Or being with people
  29. Being silent with another person
  30. Being around people who get it
  31. Feeling energized and exhausted at the same time
  32. New trainers
  33. New kit
  34. Achey limbs
  35. Destroyed feet
  36. Lazy rest days
  37. Taper crazies
  38. Getting lost
  39. Getting muddy and wet
  40. Dragging yourself out of bed at 6am on a Sunday
  41. Nerding out over sports supplements and gels
  42. Pre-race jitters
  43. Crossing the finish line
  44. Race vacations
  45. Mid-race jelly babies
  46. High fiving total strangers
  47. Feeling like you can’t go on
  48. And then discovering you can
  49. The pain and the glory
  50. Crossing the finish line




Why do you love to run?

Happy Valentines! 

Lots of love,




7 thoughts on “Reasons I Love to Run”

  1. So many loves. I love the competition and challenge I set fort for myself. I love the friendships that I have made. Its amazing what you can learn from yourself through the journey of running.

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  2. Aw, Pippa I love this list!! Nearly all of them resonated with me. For me, I think the things I love most about running are the runner’s high physically, and mentally I love clearing my mind and being forced to be with my own thoughts. I find it very cathartic emotionally.

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