The Crutch Chronicles Episode 8

As I mentioned last week, this is the part of recovery that’s the worst. It’s the boring part. I can walk, yes, but I still have a long way to go till I can hit the proverbial trail for a short few miles, let alone run a marathon. Still, I’m aiming to maintain positivity and gratitude, appreciate the small wins and try to just trust the process. So here’s an update.

Where I’m at physically

I’m at about 90% mobility when it comes to walking- if you saw me on my way into the office or out and about walking the dog, you’d have no idea I’d been in a cast just a few short weeks ago. Walking is now my primary form of exercise- for the mental benefits as much as the physical. I’m still forced to be relatively careful- I can’t run to catch a bus, or even walk on pot-holed or cambered pavements. But progress is progress, and I’m getting there! 


Where I’m at mentally

Things have been a bit tricky recently- I was lucky enough to find a new job, but being made redundant, followed by the fall, followed by some family shit that’s gone on: it’s all just left me feeling a bit depleted. I’m happy to be able to show resilience in the face of the trials and tribulations that life entails, but frankly it all feels like a bit of an onslaught right now. I do what I can to keep myself in a good place; whether that’s nice coffees in the morning, motivational podcasts to listen to on my way into work, or even lovely clothes I can’t really justify buying, but I feel like I have to be due a break sometime soon. I hate to come across as entitled, and I certainly don’t expect the universe to take it easy on me; but in balance, I feel like there’s got to be something good coming around the corner for me. And I just have to trust in that. 



As I mentioned, good, nutritious food has become one of the small joys in my life recently. I’ve been having gorgeous plant-based eats, as well as multiple brunches whenever possible to catch up with friends on a lazy weekend morning. 


I’m back in the gym…finally! I’m glad I waited as long as I did to make a return, because that meant I was motivated and almost itching to get back. I was nervous and kept procrastinating, before finally putting my money where my mouth is and just paying the membership fee already. I’ve now done three workouts which were the following:

  • 20 minutes spinning + legs (seated resistance work…I don’t yet have the stability to squat or deadlift)
  • 20 minutes spinning + arms (press ups, bicep curls and tricep dips)
  • 30 minutes spinning + abs (planks and leg raises)

I’m pretty damn proud of myself for those, especially considering that I was still in a moderate level of discomfort throughout. My goal for now is to get a good level of fitness back, so that when I finally return to running I don’t have the whole shit, I’m crap at this experience.


The Job

The job is pretty intense, but thankfully it’s keeping me and my mind occupied, whilst paying the bills at the same time. It’s great to be based in Central London and have some structure in my days. 

Physio and Hydro

I recently had another hydrotherapy session at Guys. I have to say I couldn’t really be bothered with the pre-work session, but it definitely did me some good. I even felt some release in the tighter parts of my ankle, where I’d sustained the highest concentration of muscle and ligament damage. I’m also working on my ankle stability- which is really just a lot of standing on one leg and trying to balance- but hopefully this will all make me a stronger runner n the future! 

What’s your week been like?

How do you cope with injury?

Lots of love,



8 thoughts on “The Crutch Chronicles Episode 8”

  1. Despite the downer of not being at 100% and intense work and the family stress, it sounds like there’s a lot of pluses on your plate. And I believe what goes down comes back up, so there’s something good in store for you!

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