The Crutch Chronicles: Episode 5

This week has been absolutely jam-packed. It feels like so much life is getting crammed into my days, and I can’t believe we’re only two weeks into 2017. To recap: I discovered at the very start of the year that I didn’t need surgery on my ankle and the past few weeks have been all about endless rehab. So here we go with this week!

Baby got a job

The big news for this week is that I’ve started a new job! It all happened incredibly quickly and I can tell that it’s a fast-paced role that’s going to challenge me. Whilst this news isn’t directly related to my injury, it’s certainly helped take a load off my mind in terms of the rest of my life. It’s also taking up a lot of mental space for me right now, but in a good way – I have a lot to learn and a great opportunity to do so, and so that’s my focus for now!

Plus this is my commute!

Where I’m at physically

I’m off my crutches! Yay! Though I may have to think of a new name for this series… But anyway. I’m now walking short distances in just my Air Cast, and I’m even able to walk around at home with just an ankle support on, as long as I’m very mindful. The commute to my new job is really taking it out of me both in terms of sapping my energy and increasing my pain level. Nonetheless, I’m trying to balance this out with good rest, lots of ice, compression and elevation.

I didn’t have any physio this week, so it’s just been a case of doing the same range of motion exercises as before. I’ll be seeing all my specialists this coming week, with a view to getting back into exercise of some description, be that gym, swimming or yoga.



I thought I was doing really well with food- eating normally slightly past being full (with my new plant-based approach, I eat a lot of veggies and high fibre foods, so my concern is usually to be eating enough). However Friday night and Saturday I was uncontrollably hungry, to the point of feeling week, jittery and anxious. Not ideal. Even though I know I’d eaten “enough” for my level of activity, I apparently hadn’t been taking into account the amount of energy required to heal – plus everything is twice the effort when you’re in a cast. I’m just trying to accept that my body wants what it wants – there’s nothing I can do but say yes!





I’ve been getting out and about now that I have a new job, so that’s great for me mentally and physically. The past few days since starting my new role, I haven’t had the mental or physical energy to train at all, and so I’m just letting it be for now. My plan is to rejoin the gym next week in order to keep both my motivation and fitness level up – I’ll probably be focusing on weights as opposed to cardio!


Where I’m at mentally

I’m still trying to focus on my one day at a time mentality. That’s really all the wisdom I’ve got right now! Having started my new job I now have a huge weight taken off my shoulders both financially and mentally. I can already tell that this new role is going to challenge me, and so I just need to make sure I’m taking care of my mental and physical health whilst proving myself in the role. To be completely honest it’s been an exhausting few months and I think it’s finally catching up on me, but I’m also using January as an excuse to hygge it up.

I’ve been taking advantage of podcasts and books as a way of keeping me focused and positive, and I’ll be sharing my recommendations with you soon!



Please tell me, how do you cope with injury? The mental and physical side of it!

Lots of love,




16 thoughts on “The Crutch Chronicles: Episode 5”

  1. Congrats on your new job!! And being off crutches! That’s awesome.

    It’s great that you’re being more active in general with your new job. Just embrace that and try not to worry about the training too much. Having a more all-around active life is actually healthier for you than, say, running marathon mileage each week but spending the rest of your days just sitting.

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  2. Fab to hear about the new job. Do be gentle with yourself while you settle into it, good food and plenty of rest to balance the mental challenge of the new job AND the physical healing. Don’t rush back to doing too much gym/swim/yoga-wise, more care now will pay off later.

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  3. Brilliant news about the job. A new challenge will keep your mind off your ankle.

    I’m terrible with injuries! I’m a real grump and get so annoyed that my body has let me down. Usually at that point I need a kick up the backside to go and do something positive like cross train or sit in the sauna. That usually helps. I also try to find another focus like enjoying more time to read or catch up with the things that don’t happen when I’m training loads. It’s not quite the same as a run, but it helps fill the time productively and with things I enjoy.

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  4. Congratulations. Getting a new job now is probably really good as no doubt it is taking up a lot of your time and you wouldn’t have the time or energy to exercise as much as you would want to anyway AND now you have daily amusement. Win win. 😊

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  5. That’s great news about the job AND the crutches! The only time I’ve ever been injured was last year when I fell off my bike and cracked a few ribs 5 weeks before the Paris Marathon. I’m quite a positive and optimistic person anyway so I focused simply on what my body felt it wanted to do, which was little more than a slow walk. I did that every day, taking the sensible approach that the more I rested, the quicker the recovery

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