Podcast of the Month: Tim Ferriss

Times have been tough recently, but one thing that’s been getting me through my job-related struggles (and the existential crisis that naturally follows) has been the Tim Ferris Podcast.


I’ve always found this podcast to be instructional, inspirational and incredibly relatable. Tim interviews world class thinkers, performers and athletes – people who are at the top of their field- and tries to pick out the habits, practices, morning routines to see what makes them great. More recently, he’s been responding to the deluge of questions he receives from listeners and fans; because after all, he’s a world class thinker himself.


One such episode was titled 5 Morning Rituals That Help Me Win The Day. It’s a series of practical tips and habits that pretty much anyone can adopt, including simple things like making your bed or journalling for five  minutes. If you have a chance, do go ahead and give this a listen- you’ll feel more motivated, and you’ll be able to put into practice some of these tips and tricks to help you start the day on the right foot.


What does your morning routine look like?

Do you listen to any podcasts? Let me know- I’m always on the hunt for recommendations. 

Lots of love,




13 thoughts on “Podcast of the Month: Tim Ferriss”

  1. Another Mother Runner is my favorite, but I’ve also been really enjoying the podcast from Runners World (RW and the Human Race). I mostly listen to running related ones, but entertainment news are a lot of fun too. I’ll give that podcast a listen! Thanks for the suggestion.

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  2. Hi Pippa, I just discovered Tim Ferris after reading his book ‘The Four Hour Work Week’. I started listening to his podcasts last week and they’re super inspiring!

    I also listen to Gary Vee and Collective Potential. Both brutally honest but completely different in the approach.

    How great are podcasts though?!

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