The Crutch Chronicles: An Update and Some Gratitude

The past few days have been a bit tiring. That may be an understatement.

In case you haven’t seen, I took a nasty fall over the weekend and hurt my ankle.


The days that have followed have been tricky. I’ve been trying to contend with accepting that I’ll be giving up running for a few months, whilst trying to take care of practicalities such as getting myself home for the holidays, as well as how I’m going to be able to resume my job hunt in the New Year. Add into all that the fact that, being on crutches, I can’t really do anything for myself- make a cup of tea, have a shower- and you have a recipe for very slight overwhelm.

Me, essentially

Nonetheless, I’m determined to take each day as it comes, practice gratitude and focus on the positives. So let’s start there.

I had my follow up appointment at the hospital – god bless the NHS – and I’ve been told it’s not a fracture! This is great news, but it also complicates matters slightly. The doctors have concluded that it’s a ruptured ligament, which can be tricker to fix. If it’s one particular ligament, then it will heal on its own with plenty of rest and phsyiotherapy; if its a different particular ligament, then I will need surgery to repair it. They’re hoping an MRI will give them the answers they need, but failing that, I will need exploratory keyhole surgery. Let’s hope for the former, not the latter!

The Crutch Chronicles Begin

It’s not exactly a clear diagnosis, but at least we’re getting closer. The doctors were very thorough, and stressed that they needed to err on the side of caution, because if they missed something it could end very badly for me indeed.

Fast forward to now; I’m back at my parents’ house, feet up and coffee to hand. I had a long day yesterday trying to get home-  turns out it’s somewhat difficult to get home, with luggage, when you’re on crutches – and so now I’m just focusing on rest. I had three different friends help me at various stages of Mission: Get Baby Home, and I am eternally grateful to them for giving up time so close to Christmas just in order to get me on a train.

Plus, I got a badass mobility scooter to carry me and my luggage!

So let’s have some gratitude- here’s what I’m grateful for right now:

  • Flatmate Andrew, for getting me out of my flat and into my Uber with luggage in tow
  • Complete stranger on Westminster Bridge who helped me get my luggage from my Uber to the hospital entrance
  • Running buddy Ashley for meeting me at my appointment
  • Running buddy Alan for helping me get to Paddington in a taxi, fixing me lunch, coffee and snacks, as well as putting me on the train, bags in tow
  • Mum and Dad for coming to get me, and looking after me on arrival
  • My dog Shadow, who is guarding my bedside and providing kisses whenever he thinks I might need them
  • My parents for taking care of me
  • Coffee, always
  • The amazing community of people I’ve met online, who have been here for me, sending me messages of sympathy as well as sharing in my frustration and anger at the situation
  • Netflix, Amazon Prime and Youtube for keeping me occupied



For now, it’s rest rest rest for me! 

What are you grateful for at the moment?


Lots of love,




26 thoughts on “The Crutch Chronicles: An Update and Some Gratitude”

  1. My money was on ligaments, and glad to hear there are no fractures. When I did this, I also got the bone damage too, though ligaments are no fun either. On the plus side, just think about how much upper body strength and conditioning you will be doing over the next two months 😉


      1. Alas there is no quick fix. As many posters here have said, rest is the only thing really. Let it heal, and don’t push it. And then get a good physio programme when it’s time. It will be fine; just give it the time it needs.


  2. I am so sorry for your injury! As a fellow runner friend with a bum ankle- I had to have surgery a million years ago to repair a completely ‘stretched out’ ligament with a pin, cast and badass scar- I feel you. My ankle was a mess after a fracture and repeated sprains over the years which is why I had to have the damn surgery. It was ‘floppy’ or ‘loose’ and painful. Now I no longer have eversion or inversion, just flexion and extension. However, 9 marathons, dozens of half marathons and an ultra later, she’s hanging in there! My point is this: Rest up. Listen to your doctors and baby the shit out of that ankle. Wishing you swift healing Pippa!!! And plenty of kisses to your guard pup!!! xo

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    1. Thank you so much Colby, that makes me feel better! I’m gonna try to be good and look at the long-term instead of being frustrated by the short term. After all, I want to be a runner for years to come, so I need to be prepared to suck it up and heal properly! How on earth did you get through ankle surgery and the recovery? Even if I don’t need an operation, I have no idea how I’ll cope without exercise! x

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      1. It’s the worst. But, you have to think long term. Rest now, heal up, run later. Ankles are such beasts. If I were to give one piece of advice with an ankle- especially with ligament issues like mine- I’d say baby it. Don’t rush it. I wish I had taken better care of mine early on. Now she’s the queen! xoxoxo

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        1. Thank you! As soon as i’m allowed, I’ll be getting myself some dope-ass new swimwear and hitting the pool. Not risking hurting myself by running too soon! The ankle is queen! Shady is being amazing and guarding my bedside…tho he’s also run into my foot quite a few times so there’s that!

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  3. Your foot already looks better! But OUCH! I’m so sorry. I know I’d be devastated if I were out for the count in running like that, but I’ve also learned to find other things to focus on, and to be grateful for what I do have. You’re doing a GREAT job and keep it up! Enjoy the holidays with your family, rest up, and take care. 🙂
    Crossing my fingers for you that the MRI will give you all the answers.


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