Woman Crush Whenever: Molly Huddle

This week I’ve been particularly inspired by US distance runner Molly Huddle, and so I thought I’d share the motivation! As a Brit, I have to admit that Molly wasn’t particularly on my radar until this year, when she competed in the NYC Marathon- her first ever.

This video from her sponsors Saucony spoke to me with the “great unknown” that is the marathon distance. It’s something I personally can relate to, and it’s heartening to know that even the greats feel that way about squaring up to such a monumental goal. Molly’s father describes her as “the turbulence beneath the still waters” and I really admire that power.



A few stats on Molly:

  • She runs a 4:26.84 mile
  • She set the American record in the 5000m at 14:42.64
  • She won the NYC Half Marathon in 2015 with a time of 1:08:31
  • After finishing her debut marathon in 2:28:13, Molly cheerfully stated: “I feel like I learned a lot today”
  • She suffers from pretty bad pre-race nerves, but reminds herself of “the privilege of competing at this level”.
  • With the lead up to Rio and the NYC Marathon, Molly has run almost 4,000 miles (so far) this year!


Who’s inspiring you recently?


Lots of love,





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