Mindfulness: Fifty Good Things 2.0

This year I celebrated my first proper American Thanksgiving. The past month or so has been difficult for me, but I find in times like this, it’s more important than ever to practice gratitude, and a Thanksgiving spent with people I care about seemed like an appropriate way to do this.

Screen Shot 2016-11-28 at 11.23.10.png

And so here are 50 things I’m thankful for:

Screen Shot 2016-09-03 at 13.37.13

  1. Having people in my life who care about me and will try to help me in these difficult situations
  2. Having a healthy body that (mostly) allows me to keep active
  3. Having some savings in the bank
  4. Living in London, a truly wonderful city that I do love, even though it’s a complicated relationship
  5. Nice candles
  6. Pamper evenings
  7. Having met some wonderful people at my most recent job
  8. Having a good degree which will hopefully help me find a decent job
  9. Having a family that cares about me
  10. Being raised with good values like hard work and persistence
  11. Being bilingual and hopefully employable
  12. Cosy jumpers
  13. Lovely cups of tea
  14. Living in a first world country, even if it did just vote for Brexit
  15. Having writing as an outlet
  16. Good podcasts
  17. Losing myself in a good book
  18. Still having a gym membership
  19. Being able to put food on the table
  20. Having great opportunities though both my blog and living in London
  21. Being able to run most of the time
  22. Being able to see my closest friends at least once a week
  23. That my brother and his girlfriend now live in London
  24. That it’s nearly Christmas and I’ll get lots of useful and lovely presents
  25. That I still have enough money to sit in Costa and blog for hours
  26. That my body is mostly healthy
  27. Netflix
  28. Friends who get it
  29. Climbing
  30. Yoga
  31. Swimming (ugh, even when I hate it)
  32. Having a relatively low-cost lifestyle
  33. Healthy veggies
  34. Being vegetarian
  35. Being in recovery/remission from my eating issues
  36. My dog, Shadow
  37. Getting freebies from work (while I still can!)
  38. Being surrounded by people who can help me make the most of my situation and get a new job
  39. My supportive mum
  40. Peanut butter in oatmeal
  41. Poached eggs on toast
  42. Wholefoods (I’m obsessed)
  43. Having a bit of money in the bank and not being totally screwed
  44. Not having any dependents
  45. Good music on Spotify
  46. Free national healthcare
  47. Warm scarves
  48. Cosy socks
  49. Rainy days spent indoors
  50. Keeping active and getting out in the sun



There you have it- fifty reasons to be grateful even though the chips are down. Why 50, you may ask? Check this post about the journaling technique I call “the list of fifty” – I can’t take full credit of course, since I found it somewhere on Pinterest, but I find it highly effective.


Tell me, what are you thankful for right now?

Lots of love,

Pippa x


6 thoughts on “Mindfulness: Fifty Good Things 2.0”

  1. Okay, so 3 and 43 are sort of a repeat, but then two things are worth noting about this:
    1. I probably have a mild case of OCD.
    2. Having a few quid in the bank is worth repeating.
    P.S. my wife and I get to do Thanksgiving each year with friends, one of whom is American, and it is a nice thing to do. Everyone brings a dish or two of something. Good vibes.

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  2. Good for you! It’s been shown repeatedly that people who make a habit of gratitude practice enjoy a great happiness boost in their lives. Glad you got to partake in our American Thanksgiving! It really is a nice holiday even if it is always overshadowed by Christmas.

    Liked by 1 person

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