Running Without Numbers!

The past few runs I’ve done have been entirely without tracking. Either my Garmin has been playing silly buggers or I’ve forgotten it altogether. There’s been something really lovely about that. I’ve been running purely for the fun of it, with absolutely no pressure or expectation, and no numbers to beat myself up with later.


Twice I’ve actually paced with people who had their watch on, but for whatever reason it didn’t pick up signal, wasn’t working etc etc and so I’ve had no way to even have an idea of the pace we were running. But that’s weirdly nice, and I’m so much more appreciative of my surroundings (and company)!


As someone who can easily obsess over numbers, it’s nice to have that relief. It’s altogether too easy to define whether a run was good or bad by the numbers on a watch, and so limiting. I’ve had some genuinely glorious runs recently that were well-needed given the shitstorm that’s currently going on in my life. And pace? Not a single fuck was given! 


 Do you obsess over Strava? How do you deal with it?

Lots of love,



10 thoughts on “Running Without Numbers!”

  1. Since my Garmin packed up in the summer I’ve been using Strava on my phone to track my runs, but as I carry it in my Flipbelt I can’t see it, so I am running on feel, and to be honest I haven’t missed having a watch to refer to. The only time I use one now (my old basic Casio) is for racing and track sessions.

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