Pip Goes Fat Running

In my new vein of saying yes to more things and putting myself out there socially, I tried something a bit new this weekend: a run and brunch with Fat Run London. Set up this year by runners and outdoor enthusiasts Matt & George, it’s a self-styled pop-up running club that combines my favourite things- running, food and good company. I’d signed up several weeks ago with running buddy Clo who shares my passion for…well, brunch.

Things had been a bit rough the past week as I actually got made redundant (boo)! Part of me was considering cancelling last minute in the name of being on a budget and freeing up some time to work on my job hunt. But in reality, I would probably have slept in and mooched around the house- and I’d been looking forward to this for so long!

Clo and I met at The Old Dairy Café in Fitzrovia, where we were warmly greeted and given big cups of coffee- a good start in my books. There was a good dose of mulling around saying hi to people, before we headed out for some running-specific mobility drills, including lunges (I do love a good lunge) and hip openers. Co-founder George is a certified running coach, so I knew I was in good hands, despite the fact I never warm up before a run.


And then we hit the road! The route took us up to Regent’s Park, around the leafy, traily outside perimeter, and then up to Primrose Hill. Whilst everyone was encouraged to take the hill at their own level and pace, I of course attempted to power up it. It was predictably horrific but the view from the top more than compensated for the hard work!


It was all downhill from there (literally) as we headed back to the café for a well-earned brunch. I have to say Clo and I picked up the pace, knowing there was coffee and food waiting for us. Once the whole group was back we did some stretches to cool down, including some moves I’d never thought of before. And then for the main event, brunch!

Screen Shot 2016-11-08 at 12.49.33.png

The food was absolutely divine, and Clo and I were right at the front of the queue! From memory, some of the dishes on offer were:

  • Wild rice with haloumi
  • Skin-on roast potatoes with chorizo and roasted veg
  • Kale and cous cous salad
  • Roasted chicken with veggies
  • Butternut squash soup
  • And of course, unlimited coffee.

I was so impressed with the gorgeous food, which was wholesome and full of gorgeous yummy goodness- just what we needed on a cold Sunday morning! Clo and I stuck around for second helpings, along with numerous cups of coffee and tea, chatting all things training-related. Everyone was so friendly, and I thoroughly enjoyed the event. It set me up for a really positive Sunday on a day when I’d probably have stayed in bed all day watching TV!

What’s your favourite way to spend a Sunday?

Lots of love,






15 thoughts on “Pip Goes Fat Running”

  1. Sounds cool 🙂
    I liked the ‘was encouraged to take the hill at their own level and pace..’ and your response to it 🙂 You’ve gotta hit the hills hard imo, although I’m a bit crap at them, for as you say, there’s always a reward at the top.
    I guess, your calorie intake and expenditure must have equalled out from start to finish?
    After reading this…I must try and mix up my routines. Thankies
    Take care Pippa

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