Motivation Monday: The Obstacle is The Way

Over the past two weeks, I’ve read two books that have fundamentally changed my perspective and outlook on life- quake books, if you will.  Both by Ryan Holiday, they are Ego is the Enemy and The Obstacle is The Way- although they’re supposed to go the other way around. Holiday is strongly influenced by the stoics, and gives the reader a modern, approachable take on how to apply their practical wisdom to life.



In the following TEDx Talk, Ryan gives his take on stoic optimism, which is a fundamental lesson to be taken from the books’ pages, and is inherently practical advice for modern life.




These are two books I know I will return to again and again, since they contain a philosophy and world view that is powerful and yet inherently practical. I highly recommend giving them a read (or listen) if you can- they may just change your outlook on life.


Do you have a “quake book”?

Lots of love,





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