A Training Update

Where am I with training? Literally nowhere.

I’m currently not training for anything, and I’m unable to run due to a combination of a chesty cough and the sore calf that put me out of the running on marathon day in October.

I really need a new goal to work towards, but nothing currently holds the same thrill as the marathon. Whilst i’ve resigned myself to not running another marathon in the next year or so, I can’t quite get the motivation together to start training for anything else. I really enjoy the structure and discipline involved in marathon training, and so, for now at least, I’ve been allowing myself to wallow, rest and get a teensy bit podgy.



The best piece of advice I ever got about running, specifically taking time off, was to allow yourself to miss it. And I do miss it. So much so, that once I’m over this cough and feeling 100% rested, I’ll be raring to go again!

So there’s that at least.


How are you getting on with your training? Have you been struck down by winter bug?

Lots of love,




13 thoughts on “A Training Update”

  1. I think the “miss it” idea is a great one. We all need breaks sometimes. You can come back and fall in love all over again. It’s key to be healthy and to really feel ready. I know it is hard not to have a goal in the near future, but once you are feeling well and back at it, everything will be better and maybe a goal idea will pop into your head!

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    1. Thank you! Hopefully I’ll get over this nasty cough with a lot of rest, but it’s frustrating that I can’t do any type of cardio. I’ve resigned myself to losing some fitness, but hopefully a year’s worth of marathon training won’t disappear overnight! 🙂

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  2. Hugs, sorry to hear that you’re ill. I totally sympathize because I had bronchitis for several months earlier this year. I found the early days of getting back to running the hardest because I vacillated between being grateful to be running again and frustrated that I lost so much fitness.

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    1. It’s horrible isnt it?! I managed to get down to the climbing gym today and have a yoga class planned for Monday evening, but it’s odd not having that weekend structure that marathon training brings! Thanks for your hugs though 🙂


  3. A duathlon (run + bike) or a triathlon would be a nice challenge after a marathon.

    Also 10 days of active recovery (yoga, massage, hiking) , sounds you need it


    1. Thanks 🙂 I’m lucky that I walk about an hour a day as part of my commute, plus I’ve been able to get down my climbing gym and also get some yoga classes in. I’m trying to think of fitness right now as simply getting my body moving a bit every day, even if it’s not an intense speedwork session or 2 hour run like it used to be!

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