Squeezing the Pips Out of 2016

With the leaves falling and the nights drawing in, it’s pretty clear that this year is drawing to a close. Nonetheless, I’m still determined to squeeze the last pips out of it! Like I’ve said before, I believe goal setting is really important in life as in fitness, so I wanted to share my goals with you.

Where I’m at right now: my legs are still slightly injured/battered from a year of training for two consecutive marathons, and I’ve spent the last week trying to get over a chesty cough, so there’s been absolutely no cardio for me. But nonetheless, here are my goals:

A Half Marathon

This is all very conditional on how my legs hold up over the next few weeks, but ideally I would like to squeeze in one last half before the end of the year. Let’s not forget I hadn’t raced one before Reykjavik this year! There may be a trip to Lanzarote happening in December for a race, but I’m still undecided on whether or not I’ll take on the challenge.

Bass Belle 10 Miler

This will be towards the end of November, when hopefully I’ll have recovered from Budapest. There will be a whole crew from City Athletics, and I really enjoyed the last 10 mile race I took part in.


A 5k race!

I’d like to see where my 5k fitness is without marathon training mileage in my legs. I’m not sure it’ll be anything to write home about, but given that my new goal is speed over shorter distances, it’s worth figuring out where I’m at!

Incorporating a regular yoga practice

Since finishing marathon training and going to the OM Yoga show, I’ve been really inspired to make yoga a part of my every day life. How that’s going to happen, I’m not too sure, but I want to make it work somehow!



Cross Country

This goal is very much a maybe. I’d like to give cross country a go because it looks like a lot of fun (mud and cold excluded) and I think it would be a really great day out with LCAC. Time to get my spikes out!

Screen Shot 2016-09-04 at 12.55.33

Foam Rolling 3 times a week

My calves remain pretty much fucked, and so foam rolling three nights per week needs to happen on pain of death! It’s dull, and no-one likes it, but it has to be done sometimes.

Dedicated strength training once a week

That means hitting up the gym for weights and no cardio except to warm up. My worst habit is just going to the gym, doing an hour of cardio and then being too tired to hit the weights section. So I’m working on that.  Alternatively, hitting up the bouldering gym could also fill this gap! Once a week baby, because I’m realistic.


What are you planning for the last remains of 2016?

Lots of love,




4 thoughts on “Squeezing the Pips Out of 2016”

  1. You’ve got some great goals there.
    For me, this part of the year is about building a base for spring marathon training and getting my body ready for all those miles. I also like the chance to take part in shorter, fun events like Santa dashes and so on.

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