Woman Crush Wednesday: Shalane Flanagan

This week’s Woman Crush Wednesday is brought to you courtesy of Shalane Flanagan and Flo Track. I discovered Shalane around the same time as Kara Goucher, and was immediately hooked on following her journey to the Olympic Trials and then, to Rio.

I also fell in love with her a bit after this relatable (non-relatable?) Facebook post:



Shalane seems quite a Type-A personality, racing to the point of exhaustion. Whilst I can’t say I achieve her levels of success, I know how it feels to run and race until you reach burnout. (Not that that’s something to be proud of). I feel like we’d be good friends! I’ve channeled Shalane on many an occasion, normally whilst doing hill repeats.


Some facts on Shalane:

  • She currently holds the American record times at the 3000m indoor, 5000m indoor, 10k road and 15k road.
  • Her parents are both accomplished runners- her mother Cheryl set a world record at the marathon distance in 1971, whilst her father Steve was also a marathon runner and competed at the World Cross Country Championships.
  • Her PR in the Half Marathon is 1:07:51- set at the Rock ‘n’ Roll San Diegeo Half in June 2016
  • In her buildup to Rio, she was typically hitting 115 miles per week, doubling up her runs in the morning and evening
  • She enjoys cooking, and noticed that distance runners often have horrific diets- typically too low calorie and lacing essential fats. And so she launched aΒ cookbook,Β Run Fast, Eat Slow.


Who’s your woman crush? I’m always on the hunt for inspirational ladies!Β 


Lots of love,




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