Woman Crush Wednesday: Shalane Flanagan

This week’s Woman Crush Wednesday is brought to you courtesy of Shalane Flanagan and Flo Track. I discovered Shalane around the same time as Kara Goucher, and was immediately hooked on following her journey to the Olympic Trials and then, to Rio.

I also fell in love with her a bit after this relatable (non-relatable?) Facebook post:



Shalane seems quite a Type-A personality, racing to the point of exhaustion. Whilst I can’t say I achieve her levels of success, I know how it feels to run and race until you reach burnout. (Not that that’s something to be proud of). I feel like we’d be good friends! I’ve channeled Shalane on many an occasion, normally whilst doing hill repeats.


Some facts on Shalane:

  • She currently holds the American record times at the 3000m indoor, 5000m indoor, 10k road and 15k road.
  • Her parents are both accomplished runners- her mother Cheryl set a world record at the marathon distance in 1971, whilst her father Steve was also a marathon runner and competed at the World Cross Country Championships.
  • Her PR in the Half Marathon is 1:07:51- set at the Rock ‘n’ Roll San Diegeo Half in June 2016
  • In her buildup to Rio, she was typically hitting 115 miles per week, doubling up her runs in the morning and evening
  • She enjoys cooking, and noticed that distance runners often have horrific diets- typically too low calorie and lacing essential fats. And so she launched a cookbook, Run Fast, Eat Slow.


Who’s your woman crush? I’m always on the hunt for inspirational ladies! 


Lots of love,




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