Woman Crush Wednesday: Mindy Kaling

This week’s Woman Crush Wednesday is brought to you this time not by an athlete, but a comedian, writer, producer and all-round feminist idol- Mindy Kaling. I first discovered Mindy on her show The Mindy Project, and fell in love with both her and her semi-autobiographical character.

When I read her first book Is everyone hanging out without me, I found myself laughing out loud on the bus every morning. I’ve only just started reading her second book Why not me, and I was reminded just how much I love her. She is a strong advocate of writing diverse, complex women of colour, often stating that she wrote the parts that didn’t exist for herself. She’s insanely inspirational whilst remaining grounded and hilarious at the same time. And did I mention her style?

Anyway, I  digress. Here’s the speech she gave at Harvard Law School Class Day in 2014.


Instead of sharing stats like I usually would, I’m going to share one of my favourite pearls of wisdom.



That says it all, really.


Who’s inspiring you this week?


Lots of love,




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