Monday Motivation: The Brownlee Brothers


I was somewhat lacking motivation as I woke up this morning, courtesy of training exhaustion, two potential injuries, and the fact that the Summer weather has finally bid us farewell. But the minute I turned on Breakfast News, I saw the inspiring story of the Brownlee brothers at the Mexico World Triathlon Series.

Screen Shot 2016-09-19 at 15.00.12.png

Jonny Brownlee was in first position with less than a kilometre to go, when he started to succumb to heatstroke and lost control, weaving all over the road before stopping to get aid. But fear not, because his brother Alistair grabbed him and supported him to the finish line, before throwing him over as any good brother would- I  also suspect there’ll be a rule about having to finish unsupported.



Seeing this was motivation enough for me; not only Alistair’s heroics (which cost him a first or second place finish), but the fact that when he turns the corner and sees Jonny, he mouths “oh for fucks sake” before rushing to his aid. Also, in the interviews after the event, Alistair simply stated ” I wish the flippin’ idiot had paced it right.” That’s brotherly love for you right there!

What’s driving you this week? Would you stop to help a fellow competitor in distress?


Lots of love,




6 thoughts on “Monday Motivation: The Brownlee Brothers”

  1. Yes I’d definitely stop .. Unfortunately one man passed out in from
    Of me on my first half marathon luckily he had someone with him and right next to a Marshall too – which was such luck – but it’s always stuck with me … He was a big muscly guy too I was quite surprised … I always hoped to find out if he was ok xx

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