Woman Crush Wednesday: Kara Goucher

This week’s Woman Crush Wednesday is brought to you courtesy of Kara Goucher. I first discovered Kara in 2014 when she left Nike for Oiselle, thus aligning herself with an enormously supportive community of female runners. Then in 2015 she hit the headlines appearing in BBC Panorama’s documentary Catch Me If You Can, in which she spoke out about her suspicions of doping within the Nike Oregon Project. Kara struck me as a very genuine person, who had real concerns about both the treatment of athletes and the sport itself, and I’ve closely followed her journey ever since.


I was so excited when I learned Kara would be going after a place at the Olympics, and kept up to date with her buildup via social media and her blog. Despite narrowly missing out on a spot at Rio 2016, Kara remained driven, upbeat and downright inspirational. She is the runner I channel when a run is going badly, and “What Would Kara Do” is what gets me up horrific long uphills, through mental barriers, and most importantly, out the door for pre-dawn training sessions.



Some facts about Kara:


  • She competed at a collegiate level for the University of Colorado, and was three-time NCAA champion.
  • Her Marathon PB is 2:24:52.
  • Her Half Marathon PB of 1:06:57 was set at the Great North Run, where she won, beating record-holder Paula Radcliffe.
  • She is one of only 71 women ever to have run the 10,000m in under 31 minutes
  • She only missed out on a spot at Rio 2016 by a minute, on a scorchingly hot day in LA.
  • She now hosts Podium Retreats, designed to help female runners unlock their potential.
  • After leaving Nike, Kara found sponsorship with Oiselle, Nuun and Sketchers, to name a few.


Kara remains my ultimate running idol- I love her and everything she does!

Any other ladies I should have on my radar?

Lots of love,




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