Get me out of my running slump!

In case anyone missed it, I’m experiencing somewhat of a slump with my training at the moment. It’s to be expected, I’m sure, given that I’m almost exactly halfway through my 12-week buildup. But still, that doesn’t make it any easier. It’s simply a case of the usual suspects:

  • Exhaustion and brain fog
  • Consistent and continual hunger
  • Mood swings, anxiety and “the weepies”
  • Lack of motivation
Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 15.00.07

It’s not that I don’t want  to train- that’s not where the lack of motivation is coming from. It’s that I’m just exhausted, and between work, sleep and something even resembling a social life, the thought of getting out there to train just fills me with dread.

So what to do?

Pippa x

23 thoughts on “Get me out of my running slump!”

  1. Could you be overdoing it? I know that for me being exhausted makes me more susceptible to injury. Maybe cut back for a week. You won’t lose any fitness and it’s better to have a week with less of a training load now than be on the injury bench later! Also, although not always easy, try to get as much quality sleep as you can. Hope you feel better soon.


  2. I echo what the person above me said: it sounds like a legit cutback week is in order, maybe even several days off from running. If you have been building up for 12 weeks (plus all the fitness from your spring marathon build up), you aren’t going to lose any fitness if you take a few days off. It’s normal to feel tired during marathon training and have an increased appetite, but the symptoms you describe sound a lot like overtraining. It might be wise to back off for bit.

    As for the lack of motivation and mental fatigue, just remember, it too will pass. Keep pushing through. But also remember, taking care of yourself should always come before marathon training. There will be other races, but your health is precious. Good luck. You’ll get through this.

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    1. Thanks Hanna, you always speak the truth 🙂 I’ve only been building for 6 weeks, but I think I’ll call this week a cutback, get some rest over the weekend, and get back at it next week. To be honest, rest has always been my downfall so it’s a part of training that I need to work on!


  3. Take a break for a few days. it won’t hurt to rest and do something different. Another thing that I have found helpful is to hop on a bus or take a short drive to somewhere completely different and go for a run, minus any training tech, and just run as a tourist for a while, just for the fun of being somewhere different. Forget the training side of things and just enjoy a gentle run


  4. I hope you feel better soon. Those training slumps are so frustrating. But acknowledging where you are at and what is going on is a huge step in the right direction. Take it easy and you will be back at it in no time!

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  5. Sounds like a case of overtraining maybe?? I get that way when I’m working way hard. Get some r&r! Work can be a total energy sucker too though…I truly hope you’re feeling ready to rock and roll soon!! Slumps are no fun…

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  6. This is a hard one. I usually take a day or two off running and try to do some other workout that is less taxing. I also focus on my sleep and go to bed super early. Right now I’m injured so my motivation to do anything is so low it’s almost depressing.

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