Woman Crush Wednesday: Lauren Fleshman

This week’s Woman Crush Wednesday is brought to you by Lauren Fleshman, ex-pro runner, businesswoman and writer. There are many, many reasons that I’ve fallen for Lauren since discovering her less than a year ago, but here are the top two:

  1. She’s vocal in speaking out about the issues involved in high school, collegiate and even national team environments, including negative competition, bad self-image, and eating disorders. She most recently participated in a Running on Om podcast episode in which she had a very frank discussion about eating disorders in the sport. And not just a generic discussion about how eating disorders are bad – but a really grounded discussion about the steps that can be taken to prevent them; including when to implement these steps, who should be responsible for these outcomes, etc. etc. There were some really practical suggestions which I would love to see become reality.
  2.  She’s co-author of the Believe Training Journal, which I’m currently using to plan and monitor my training process. I absolutely love this product, and will be writing a review on it soon. It takes a truly holistic approach to training and will hopefully help me to become a better athlete!


Here’s a video from her sponsors on her retirement from pro running. It’s truly inspirational stuff.



Here are some stats on Lauren:


  • Her speciality was the 5000m, and she was the US champion in this distance in 2006 and 2010. Her personal best is 14:58.58.
  • However she has also competed in distances from 1500m to the marathon- talk about variety!
  • In her marathon debut (the New York City Marathon in 2011), she finished 12th with a time of 2:37:33
  • She was part of the Oregon Track Club Elite, funded by Nike, until she joined Oiselle in 2012.
  • She writes The Fast Life, a column for Runners World, which is insightful and witty in equal measure.


If I’m being honest, I need a bit of motivation myself, as I’m in an injury and exhaustion-induced training slump. Whilst things should be okay (I just need carbs, a massage and some sleep), I would really appreciate some old-school motivation! So are there any runners you think I should follow on social media? Or anything you do when you’re in a slump?


Lots of love,




2 thoughts on “Woman Crush Wednesday: Lauren Fleshman”

  1. When I’m in a slump, I usually force myself to assess the situation and consider possible outcomes. If it’s just that I need a break, I take a break and enjoy a day off, using the extra-non-running time to watch a movie I’ve really been wanting to see, or go out and do something. If I’m disappointed by my performance, I go off the plan for a day and find a new workout to do.
    I look for my running inspiration in reading about the daily lives of athletes, any sport.


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