Scandi Living and Pre-Race Musings

Hello lovelies! 

By the time you read this, I’ll be here:

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 19.53.14

…or at least very close! This weekend I’m heading to Reykjavik for the Culture Fest, which features a running festival-I’ll be doing the half marathon. Exciting!

It seems like a good idea to unpack my brain slightly before the race (and holiday) so here are my thoughts:

1. I’ve never raced a half marathon before; I’ve always had a mental block about my capabilities when it comes to this specific distance.

2. But I have run 13.1 miles before, in training for both Manchester and Budapest marathons. So there’s that at least.

3. My goals are conservative, and I’d ultimately like to finish sub 2h.

4. To be honest, I’d like to hit a loftier goal, but I also want to be realistic, and avoid disappointment and the negative self-talk that inevitably follows.

5. I’m a bit nervous about race day logistics – being in a different country and all- including food, drink and most importantly, bathroom logistics. There’s six runners sharing an AirBnB after all!

6. Food could be a challenge this trip, both before and after the race. With my history of issues surrounding food, it will be difficult to give up a degree of control over what I can eat, but if I’m being honest I need to learn to deal with this shit. And it can’t get in the way of my holiday.

7. This holiday combines my New Years goal of doing a half marathon, with my birthday goals of travelling more, branching out socially, and saying yes to things that take me out of my comfort zone.

8. Since we’ll be in Iceland for the Culture Fest, we’ll be spending the evening post-race mulling around the city, eating and drinking well, and watching the firework display.

9. My poorly ankle is still not 100% better, but it’s getting there. The jury is still out on whether I’ll be treating the 13.1 as a race or just a training run. On the plus side, I’ve been using a tennis ball to roll my cement-like calf and ankle, and have managed to turn up something vaguely resembling a loose, fleshy muscle- so things are looking up in that respect!

10. I’m so excited for a post-race celebratory donut and a dip in the blue lagoon. Living the dream!

Have you ever raced abroad-what are your tips? 

Lots of love,

Pippa x


8 thoughts on “Scandi Living and Pre-Race Musings”

  1. This sounds SO fun and I am jealous. I hope you have a great time!

    I haven’t raced abroad but I have traveled for races, and my best advice is to just relax. You will not perform your best if you are fretting over every little thing and, more importantly, you won’t enjoy your trip as much either. You’re a strong runner so I’m sure you will run a great time no matter what – if you go into the race relaxed and having fun I bet you will surprise yourself with how fast you can crank out the miles. I’ve run great races while traveling despite being on the river all day before and staying up til midnight drinking the prior night – simply because I was enjoying myself and looking at the race as another fun activity instead of a task.

    My more practical advice is to limit active time before the race, if possible. Rest your legs and don’t eat garbage food. Then once the race is over you can party and eat whatever! That’s the great thing about half marathons – they are easy enough to recover from that you can run one and still have energy to enjoy the rest of your weekend. GOOD LUCK!


    1. Haha I read your tips after spending like 4 hours on my feet sightseeing and going to the expo….oops! Anyway I managed to stretch and nap, and headed to bed super early. But I definitely felt very relaxed wandering round Reykjavik, especially heading to the coast which is breathtakingly beautiful, and I think that helped me to calm down my control-freak tendencies and just try to enjoy the race. 😀


  2. Good luck!
    My advice is to rest up a bit before – save excessive sightseeing for after the race. Also check out local supermarkets (or similar) and stock up on what you’ll need before and immediately after the race. That way if you’re hungry/thirsty you won’t have to go in search of something when you might prefer to rest.

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    1. Thank you! I packed some Nakd bars for snacking, and headed to the supermarket for some staple foods- eggs and pitta bread are basically what I lived off! It was good knowing that I wouldn’t have to take to the streets of Reykjavik on a desperate hungry hunt for food- especially since Iceland is cripplingly expensive!

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