Three Olympians you should follow on Snapchat

In case you weren’t aware, there are a multitude of Olympians on Snapchat, all offering an unedited, sneak-peak into their everyday lives.Olympians on Snapchat have been a revelation to me, and very often give me the oomph I need to get off my backside and run (or cycle, or plank, or stretch, the list goes on…)

So without further ado, here the three Olympians you should definitely follow:

Usain Bolt – ugoboss

Bolt is one of the most charismatic athletes out there, and I have huge respect for what he does. His Snaps consist of a lot of teammate and Olympic banter, as well as his ab workouts. I watch them whilst I plank because, if Bolt can do 20 minutes of crunches in the scorching heat, I can plank for a few minutes, right?


Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 11.57.59.png


Mo Farah – mofarah83

Mo loves to Snap his training sessions, but also his coffee. Mainly his coffee tbh. This man loves his joe, and for that, he’s a man after my own heart. Also- he snaps from the Sports Massage table, which is absolutely and incredibly relatable.




Serena Williams – serenaunmatched


Multiple Gold Medallist, No. 1 ranked female tennis player in the world and now… Queen of my Heart? She’s hilarious on Snapchat- for instance she recently received three bouquets of flowers when she hurt her shoulder, and her response… “I love the flowers and all, but all this? What would happen if I got the flu?!” Another highlight- one of her team snapped her having fallen asleep in the middle of a photoshoot. #napgoals.

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 12.02.40.png


What do you do when you’re lacking inspiration? 

Lots of love,




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