A no-run weekend!

This weekend, I was unable to run. Yuck.

Let’s start with that.

It’s been a bit of a rough week. Following a successful 5K on Monday, it would appear that I’m injured- or at the very  least, on the cusp of an injury. And I’m broke. And I’m starting to panic about that whole running a marathon thing. Here’s the thing: I’ve been feeling about 80% about running Budapest, but I still began training because, well, I’ve paid for it. Legit, bought flights, booked a hotel and everything. It seemed kind of silly to back out, and I convinced myself that I can always downgrade to a shorter distance if need be. But still, 80% is pretty good. I began training with a much better base level of fitness than I did for Manchester, and I was able to up my long run mileage pretty quickly, given that I’d never fully decreased it in the off-season.
Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 13.43.14.png
And I’ve been taking in the scenes


But then this weird thing happened with my ankle, about two weeks ago when I set off for an 18 miler. It just felt tight and painful, like there was just a big stiff lump where my calf muscle should have been. Like any runner in training I naively ignored it, finished my 18 miler and then raced a 5k two days later. Yeah, sounds kinda silly when you put it like that. My calf cramped at the end, and in the days that followed I realised something was up. My closest suspicion is that it’s the beginning of a shin splint, or at least the result of a very tight calf. And since I’m heading to Reykjavik next weekend for a Half Marathon, I’m reluctantly taking it easy.

Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 15.02.39.png

So this morning, instead of getting up early, lacing up my running shoes and heading out the door, I got up early, put on my bike helmet and headed out for an adventure. Where do I start- I’m not a cyclist. You know how, when you run sometimes, you feel like an elephant trying to do ballet- uncoordinated, sweaty and generally oafish?- well that’s how I feel when I ride a bike. My bike itself needs some TLC, and I sadly don’t own any remotely attractive cycling apparel. But we have to do what we can!

I headed south from my flat, doing an out-and-back route to the slightly more rural end of Bromley. My first challenge was just getting out of ‘proper’ London itself, to any kind of scenery that resembled the countryside. To my credit I only had to check Google Maps a few times, and then finally I just decided to follow a cyclist down what looked to be a country road- and so it was!

Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 09.25.03.png

Those last few miles definitely made it worth the effort- there were fields, birds and plenty of hills. After two hours of cycling I reluctantly decided to turn back – because, let’s not forget, I’m not a cyclist, and this is not what I do– I didn’t want to do too much, too soon, and hit a wall/get heatstroke/collapse in a crumpled heap.


I passed plenty of cyclists on my way back, and tried not to crumble under my own impostor syndrome. But thankfully most were friendly and said a quick hello as they passed me. Thankfully the journey back was much simpler as I was just able to follow the signposts, and I was back in time for lunch, with 30 hilly miles under my belt.

Then, it was time to collapse in front of Netflix for a few hours- an all-round good day!

How was your training this weekend?


Lots of love,






9 thoughts on “A no-run weekend!”

  1. I’m also not a very good cyclist but I really enjoy it. It feels great to fly though a route in half the time it would take you to run it. And it’s good strength work for the legs!

    Hope your ankle feels better. I had really bad calf tightness once – a week of rest and a heating pad did the trick for me!


  2. Arrghhh I’m so sorry you’re injured Pip! Good luck for Rekivjik(I can’t spell it and nor will I be able to for as long as I live). I guess just to try and enjoy it, have fun and don’t push yourself too hard?
    See you next week for a full de-briefing X


    1. Thanks bub! I’ve been reassured I can downgrade to the 10k at the weekend if I’m feeling really bad, but to be honest the most frustrating thing is having no idea what’s actually wrong! Oh well, think I’ll just go and not push it too much!


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