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Motivation Monday: Mo Farah

Between the Women’s Olympic Marathon and Usain Bolt’s 3rd consecutive gold medal, it’s been a crazy inspirational weekend in Rio. One more sportsperson that 100% delivered this weekend was British national treasure Mo Farah, winning a 10,000m victory after a particularly interesting race that included a nasty fall. So this Motivation Monday is brought to you by The Mobot himself, with not one but two videos- the first being from his sponsor Nike. I often watch these kinds of videos whilst eating breakfast the morning of a race.


And secondly, a BBC documentary commissioned ahead of Rio 2016, following Mo’s training, his home life, and even the allegations made against him. If you have an hour, I recommend giving it a watch- this man is a machine!



What was your Olympic highlight this weekend?


Lots of love,




4 thoughts on “Motivation Monday: Mo Farah”

  1. If you’re Irish, then it was the two Cork lads winning a silver in the rowing. But from a running perspective, seeing the 400m WR go with the previous holder commentating for the Beeb was also pretty special. Wayde van Niekerk blew the field away, and Michael Johnson was very gracious indeed.


  2. For Canada, it’ s been women winning the first 12 medals of the game!!!! Finally a Canadian man won bronze in the 100 m next to Usain Bolt!! That was pretty awesome this weekend.
    (I Irish lads interviews were the best)


  3. I loved watching the marathon! It’s super inspirational for someone in the middle of training 🙂
    And Mo Farah… I love his dedication and talent and hope the allegations are never true.


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