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Triathlon Times

Remember at the start of the year, when I said I was gonna do my first triathlon? Yeah, about that…

I decided not to do it.

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Big surprise, I know, given that I haven’t swum or cycled all freakin’ year. So let’s go through my logic.

Why I decided to do a triathlon in the first place:

  • I was injured and unable to run. Swimming and cycling became my escape from injury-induced insanity.
  • I was missing the social aspect of running, and training with my club’s triathlon group gave me back my social life, as well as a sense of belonging.
  • I’d heard rumours that triathletes don’t get injured as much as runners, due to the variety involved
  • I wanted something to aim for in case I couldn’t train for the marathon in April
  • I wanted a challenge, and I wasn’t going to let a running injury get in my way.


Why I decided not to do a triathlon:

  • I was mentally and physically exhausted after the marathon
  • I hadn’t done any swim or cycle training all year (duh)
  • The logistics of getting my bike to Leeds seemed like too much hassle
  • The transitions were already stressing me out
  • It was going to cost serious dollar


Essentially, I was woefully underprepared, and had no idea what I was doing. I don’t think I have enough experience with swimming or cycling to actually make a triathlon worth my time. I still want to do more swimming and cycling to balance out my run training (and this weekend I even got out on a cycle ride for the first time all year)- but I don’t think triathlon is right for me at this point in time. I don’t think there’s any point in pushing myself to do something I’m not ready for, and frankly I know I’d beat myself up when my finish time wasn’t what I wanted.

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So whilst I’m never saying never to a triathlon, it’s just not the right thing for me right now. I have another big race to train for, and I want to focus on that. There’s only so much one person can do!

Have you ever dabbled in triathlon training? Do you balance out your running with another sport?


Lots of love




11 thoughts on “Triathlon Times”

  1. I can understand this. I had my eyes set on a tri this year too. I backed out at the beginning of the year when I signed up for a marathon unknowingly super close to the tri I wanted to do. So maybe next year? maybe not! 🙂


    1. Maybe, maybe not! Take the pressure off girl 😀 I also have a fall marathon in October, and I just thought I fancied a long off-season without stressing about other sports. I’m sure I’d have gotten stronger for running by training for a tri, but I just honestly couldnt be bothered!


  2. Ah go on! They’re good craic, and indeed are easier on the legs than all that running. That’s the main reason I took them up. And forget all the stress about transition and all that blah. You don’t need to spend silly money, and if you already have the bike, you’re quids in! Track down a local sprint somewhere and sign up. You won’t regret it.


  3. I’m always afraid to say this for fear of getting roasted, but I really have no desire to do a triathlon. They seem kinda stressful and complicated and I don’t want to do all that training. I like to cycle but I really have no desire to compete and train it. It’s nice for people who enjoy tris and I admire their athleticism but I’ll stick with one sport at a time, thanks 🙂

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    1. That was my main complaint- too stressful! At least with a marathon you just have to show up and run. Logistically there’s not too much to think about. But triathlon seemed kinda complicated. I dunno, if I find a local duathlon or sprint tri I might give it a go- but just for fun! I don’t wanna get competitive about it (Which with my personality is quite hard to do!)


  4. What I tell new triathletes is to sign up for a sprint, and don’t even worry about pace or finish time. The first “race” is just a hands on training session…taking the mystery out of the event and making sense out of transition. Also, a sprint requires almost no training unless you are going to be competative. A 5k run…pfffttt…that’s a cool down. A 25 km bike ride is just a nice day in the country. 750m open water swimming? Well…that’s usually the issue. This depends on your swim background, but there are skills involved here (like not sinking) and getting comfortable swimming in a crowd. If you worked with a tri-group, you are covered. I would say sign up and try it, just to see if you like it. It is fun and growing…and very welcoming to new participants. Most sprints have very liberal cutoff times. I have 3 coming up starting next month and I am just starting my training (first swim of the year this morning and second bike ride tomorrow). If I get 3-4 training sessions of each completed, I will be surprised. I will likely take my later season events a little more seriously. Recovery is way faster from triathlon then running (I am fine the day after a 70.3, but I gimp around for a week after a marathon).

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    1. Yeah maybe I should give it a go! Just not right now… The swim is probably my biggest concern since I was only just getting strong in the water before I got lazy and just gave it up in favour of running. I guess a sprint could be a good distance to try- just need to get back on that swim training!

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  5. I hear you on the “expensive” thing!

    If you ever do decide you want to do a triathlon again, I second rmarier’s advice… just sign up for a sprint for fun and without the intention of being competitive. If you get bit by the bug, then you can seriously train for one. If not, you did something fun that makes for a good story!

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