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Let’s try: Veganism

I’ve known the benefits of a vegan diet for a long time now- ever since I read Scott Jurek’s Eat, Run, I’ve been curious about the plant-based life. What struck me about Jurek’s story was that he was a good-but not great- runner for many years, before finding performance enhancements as he gradually eliminated first meat, then dairy, and finally all animal products from his diet. I was intrigued, but didn’t see veganism as a viable option for me.
Fast forward to last year, when I read Rich Roll’s Finding Ultra, and was again impressed by the benefits Roll had experienced. But at that time, I was living in Mexico, where veganism would be tricky at best. And then with marathon training (and my history of disordered eating), I decided to abandon the idea for a little while, and give my body what it needed (and more importantly, what was easiest).
But now I’m not actively training for an event, I thought I’d give it a whirl. So following the advice of one of my favourite vegans, Youtuber Brian Turner, I decided to gradually phase in veganism, starting with one day a week. Brian, AKA Humerus Fitness, is a vegan bodybuilder and really showed me that it’s entirely possible to live a vegan life without 1. being a dick about it, and 2. becoming malnourished or hangry.
The first few weeks I tried Vegan Mondays, I would wake up sleepy and put regular milk in my coffee by accident. Fail. So now I’m just picking one day a week at random, and making a conscious effort to eat vegan. I want to see just how difficult it is, both psychologically and logistically. I think it’ll be a really interesting experiment… and at the very least I’ll learn something!
I’m almost at the end of my first day of veganism, and it’s not as tough as I thought!
Any vegans out there? Give me your tips!!
What’s your go-to vegan snack?
Lots of love,

7 thoughts on “Let’s try: Veganism”

  1. I tried it for a month once. Missed coffee and cake – hadn’t realised what a habit I had! Loved making pesto type pasta sauces with nuts/ nut butter spinach, garlic lemon, that was my go to quick and easy meal. Gave up because the family weren’t keen, my son has a nut allergy and I struggled to get protein without nuts. I needed a vitamin d supplement as I was already deficient.


  2. I’ve been vegetarian for a year, but I did have full vegan days before 2 days ago when I decided to go vegan all the way. This is not gonna be easy as you’ll have to cook a lot, especially if you want snacks or cakes. A few snacks I like: Trek bars, Lentils Chips, Hummus chips, hummus with veggie sticks, peanut butter and apples, Alpro soy yogurt (with fruit of your choice).


  3. Good luck on your vegan trial.

    I’ve been vegan for over 20 years and a runner for only 2.5 of them! It’s much easier now to be vegan than it was when I became vegan. All the supermarkets have good vegan options and a large free from section (which is not always vegan, so watch out).

    My tips would be try Alpro oat milk for tea, coffee and everything, follow Vegan Wiki on Twitter for lists of accidentally vegan foods, and don’t worry too much about protein. As long as you aren’t just eating lettuce salad and are eating a good range of food you’ll be getting enough.


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