A non-existent training week

It’s been a rough week. As I write this post, I’m sat in bed nursing a nasty cough with a large cup of coffee. It was a hectic week at the office, with awesome projects flying left, right and centre. There was a lot of socializing, both in and out of work, and let’s be honest, there was very little running. Or exercise in general.

Monday and Tuesday, I was incredibly sore from a really tough run on Sunday (spoiler alert: I don’t run well in the heat). So I made my peace with a few rest days and made plans instead. By Tuesday evening I was chomping at the bit, but a packed schedule and inadvertent last-minute house-sitting meant no exercise at all. And none of that “no excuses” bullshit- it really was impossible!

By the time Thursday rolled around I was in desperate need of a run, and so I headed out for 4 easy miles in Regent’s Park. It was hot, and it felt very tough on my fatigued legs, but still, better than nothing. By Friday I realised I was getting sick, and that just about takes me up to today- Sunday- and my duvet day.

after running in the cold

It’s incredibly frustrating not being able to train, but at least now I’m sick I can see with hindsight why I was feeling so wiped out this past week. My fatigued legs, however- that’s another story. I honestly have no idea what’s going on with them. They’re achey, heavy and tight, and just feel like they’ve got nothing in them!



I’m in a really weird spot with running right now- I want so badly to get out and do it (especially with this glorious weather we’ve been having), but simultaneously, there’s nothing I want less- I’m so freakin’ tired. I think my mind wants to run, but my body doesn’t. Or maybe the other way round. I’m hoping this is just the aftermath of the marathon catching up with me, since I didn’t really rest properly in the weeks following the race. Who knows.


Any advice to get me out of my slump?

Also, does anyone else get sick of all that ‘no excuses’, ‘no rest days’ kind of #fitspo?

Lots of love,





13 thoughts on “A non-existent training week”

  1. Did you take any significant rest after the marathon? I’ve learned the hard way that my body needs two full weeks without running (usually one rest week and one week of light cross training) before a very gentle return to running. I go “low and slow” just enjoying the fresh air and maybe exploring some new routes. After that, I feel good and ready to ramp things up again.
    Hope you feel better soon x


  2. I always thought the no excuses/no rest days fitspo was a little over the top. If you don’t like to take rest days that’s fine, but it doesn’t make you more of a badass than those of us who do. But then I’ve never been one of those people who feels the need for daily exercise, so I’ve always had a good relationship with rest days 🙂

    I think you are right that maybe you didn’t get adequate rest after the race and now it’s catching up with you. We tend to forget that it’s not just the race we need recovery from, but the months of hard training that led up to it. They say that it takes up to 4 weeks to fully recover from a marathon. Your body still has lots of stuff to work through. Get some rest, take care of yourself and you’ll be back at it in no time.


    1. I just realized the first part of this sounds weird so FYI, when I say “you” in that first paragraph I mean the people who create the fitspo, not you Pippa 🙂


  3. I find the no rest days attitude a bit irresponsible tbh. We all need to recover and a lack of rest will only lead to over training and illness. Listen to your body and give yourself time and permission to get well and you will enjoy your running much more whe you get back to it


  4. That fitspo is THE.WORST. When I first started running and was training for a half, I took no days off “because I wasn’t a quitter.” I also ended up with plantar fasciaitis and shin splints so bad I could scarcely walk.

    Remember that it is what it is. When you’re healthy, it’s impossible to remember what being sick feels like, but give it the right amount of rest (and Netflix, and comfort food), and you’ll be back even stronger. 🙂


  5. If your body needs rest, give it rest. Even people on run streaks will have 1-2 days a week when they just do a slow 1 -2 miles (or whatever their minimum distance is). Take a full week off running, if you are feeling better in a day or two then do some gentle cross-training or an easy exercise class but don’t push yourself. Then ease yourself back into running gently with some easy pace gentle 3-5ks to see how it feels. Be gentle with yourself, hope you feel better soon.


  6. Pretty much going to repeat what most others have said, you’re probably right and didn’t get enough rest after the marathon. It sounds like your body is over-trained and easy runs shouldn’t be a struggle ever. There are a lot of runners that are itching to jump back into things a few days or a week after a marathon, but it really takes a lot out of your body. Last season I took a week off from exercise altogether, but this year I plan to take a 2 full weeks off after the race. I would suggest giving yourself another week off. If you’re itching to go out and enjoy the weather, just go for a walk. Then, as others suggested, ease yourself back in. Make sure you’re running slowly enough and not trying to build up mileage too quickly and taking rest days. Your fitness will come back pretty quickly, but if you don’t allow yourself enough rest and recovery you will continue to run into a wall and likely end up injured again.


  7. i think you rmind isnt ready yet. it sounds like you have a lot going on professionally and personally and that is super draining. i find when life gets crazy i have no desire to run and my body agrees with me. if your are itching to be active you should go swimming! i dont think you’ve done that in a while and that is easier on your body than running…or do for a bike ride..although biking in london looks dangerous lol


    1. Yeah i’m trying to build up the courage to cycle to work in London…i’m too scared at the moment! And weirdly I find running so much more relaxing than swimming. But then again, I used to hate running, so maybe swimming will grow on me!

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  8. Do you have allergies? I was feeling soooo run down and tired and foggy though i have never had alleriges and someone mentioned it to me. I started allergy meds last week and am almost back to 100%.


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