The Power Up Playlist 3.0

Hello hello!

It’s been a while since I did a workout playlist, mostly because I’ve been listening to podcasts and audiobooks. And to be honest, this feels like cheating since I haven’t actually compiled the playlist myself. But it’s just so good that I have to share.

Women’s Running does a long run playlist every month. And here are the reasons why I love it.

  • It’s long. Like over 5 hours long. This means you very rarely get repeats, and you don’t have to fiddle around with switching playlists halfway through your 20-miler.
  • It’s a fantastic mix of old, new, rock, hip hop, corny and downright motivational tracks. One minute you’ll have AC/DC’s Highway to Hell, and then you’ll switch straight to Bruce Springstein’s Born to Run, and then to Heartbeat Song. It’s curated on Spotify by a girl called Kristan Dietz, who is official my homegirl for her fantastic choice in tracks.
  •  There’s a new one every month. For someone who listens to a lot of music and quickly gets tired of the same old songs, this is freakin’ brilliant. I often add tracks to my personal Spotify, and it’s helped me discover lots of new artists.


So there we have it- give it a listen!


Any new track suggestions for me?

Lots of love,



8 thoughts on “The Power Up Playlist 3.0”

  1. You can stop by my blog every Monday for an idea or two and even throw one into the mix if you feel like it!!


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