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The best and the worst workout…

As I promised myself during marathon training, now that I’m done I’ve bought myself a month’s membership and one of London’s lovely (if not slightly pricey) hot yoga studios. This is a massive treat for me, and a chance to stretch, strengthen and soothe everything that was inadvertently damaged by training…


And so I joined Yotopia, an absolutely gorgeous studio in Covent Garden; I’d done a month’s trial with them last year when I was injured and it’s always been my favourite studio. There’s a lovely mix of hot and temperate classes, which encompass everything from ashtanga to yin yang, pilates to barre, and soothing to badass. Which brings me to the point- the best and worst workout of them all. I think I’ve found it: Hot Boxing Yoga.

Let me be clear: martial arts plus vinyasa yoga plus a freakin’ sauna…!

The class switches between fast-paced flows with sparring and jabs, to core work that will make your whole body shake. There are long-hold squats and planks, backbends and even the occasional arm balance.It’s tough from a cardiovascular point of view, but also builds muscle strength and balance, both of which will benefit me as a runner. But my God, this class will whip your ass like no other. I love it, and I hate it. About halfway through the class you think you’re gonna die. Get to 45 minutes in, and you think you might well pass out. And then it’s over, and you feel like a freakin’ warrior just for surviving.


I got back into doing this class as a way of using this off-season to try new things and stray out of my comfort zone, fitness-wise. I got into the habit of just running or hitting up the cardio machines at the gym, and weirdly the idea of going for a 6 mile run seems so much easier than an hour of pretty much anything else- yoga included. The relaxation part of (other) yoga classes is something I really struggle with. And so I just wanted to tell you all about my discovery, which honestly has been a bit of a revelation- just doing something really tough that isn’t a run! And even if you’re not a Londoner, or there’s not a class like this near you, maybe you’ll be motivated to step out of your own comfort zone, and help me do the same!



What’s the most challenging workout class you’ve done? Have you tried anything new recently?

Lots of love,



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