My favourite headphones so far!

As a runner I seem to get through headphones like nobody’s business. And I think my specific problem is essentially that I buy cheap ones, meaning:

1. They’re not good quality
2. I don’t take care of them

A few weeks ago I had a 13 mile run during which the one functioning earbud of my headphones crackled in and out of life, and that was the straw that broke the camel’s back. And so I took to UKRunchat to ask for recommendations: decent sound quality, but more importantly, durability. I got a large array of suggestions, but I decided to go with Yurbuds, recommended for my by a runner who’s had her current pair for two years. And as a bonus, they were only £25 (although for me, spending even that amount on a pair of headphones induces anxiety).


So here are my thoughts on them.

1. They fit perfectly into your ears. And I mean perfectly- I went for a size small and they do the trick just fine. There is a slight downside to this though; when I pull the headphones out of my ears by the wire (as opposed to by the buds), the rubber bit often stays in my ear, as it’s so well wedged in. This has also meant the rubber buds have gone flying a few times. That’s probably my only gripe with these, but I just need to be more careful!

2. The sound quality is good. Not amazing, but far better than what I’d been used to. You don’t have to crank the volume up full blast to get a good sound experience, and my eardrums are probably thanking me for that.

3. The buds are magnetic, meaning they tangle slightly less than regular headphones. They do still tangle, but it’s more manageable than I was used to.


4. The jack is reinforced, meaning you don’t risk damaging the wire when you plug and unplug them. This is a bonus for me as I’ve ruined so many  pairs of headphones just by not treating them well. I’ve had these for a month with no signs of damage or loss of sound quality (which is saying a lot for me!) so I’m very happy with them.

5. They come with a handy little carry case. It’s not a great one, but definitely a nice little bonus, especially considering how cheap Yurbuds are for a fancy set of headphones.

For a middle-of-the-range set of earphones, I’d highly recommend them! (And no, I was not sponsored by Yurbuds to write this post)

So tell me, piece of technology has been most beneficial for your running?

Lots of love,


13 thoughts on “My favourite headphones so far!”

  1. Good recommendation 🙂 A waist belt for my phone is the most essential for me. Any generic one will do and most have a hole for headphones. I find its better than an arm strap and safer too from damage or theft.

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  2. I have a set of Philips (I think SHQ3200). Pitched as washable sports (!) they have ear hooks to keep the buds in place when you run (and I assume abseil, surf and skydive…) Not the best sound ever, but they have lasted so far, weren’t dear, and certainly as Fed says, a belt for the radio/phone/ipod, etc. is a must. Still haven’t caught the tangle fairy though. Some little fecker sneaks in at night and ties knots in the cable…
    (P.S. I will give a million quid to the first person to come up with a set of earphones that my daughter can’t break)


    1. Fantastic, might have to look into those! Tho I was recently given some wireless bluetooth headphones with INSANE sound quality- unfortunately my iphone is on the way out though and they don’t connect consistently! And I’ve checked, it’s sadly the phone not the headphones! Oh well…

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  3. Love my Yurbuds! I also have Bluetooth earbuds too that work well. Performix. My most recent race was a duathlon….no earbuds allowed!! First time running and biking without music…tough adjustment!


  4. Yurbuds are my favourite too. The sound is good and, since I only ever put an earbud in one one side, doesn’t give a warped sound like you get from “plug” style earphones that require both to be in (funnily enough, I like to hear if there’s any traffic coming and don’t understand why runners would want noise cancelling earphones!). In the past I struggled to get earphones that would stay in, but these never fall out and don’t hurt.

    Lately, I’ve been dabbling in wireless earphones so I don’t have dangling cables to deal with. I have a great pair which I use in the gym, but wouldn’t want to run outside with. I see that Yurbuds have a wireless pair though, so I might see my pennies and give them a go!


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