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Have I got my mojo back?

The jury is still out on that one. But needless to say, the post-marathon blues are gradually passing, as I was assured they would. I can attribute this to a few things- I’m not saying I’m an expert by any means, but here are some of the things that have helped me get over the slump


I’ve been resting up and watching lots of TV. Most evenings for the past two weeks, I’ve taken the train straight home from work, put on my PJs and watched several hours of my favourite TV shows. I’m now caught up on Game of Thrones, How to Get Away With Murder, and The Night Manager (featuring the very sexy Tom Hiddleston…) It’s been nice to zonk out and be a normal person for a little while. That being said, there’s only so much TV a girl can watch!




Good Food
I’ve been taking it easy on myself, food-wise. The marathon hunger is (gradually) dissipating, but I’m trying not to make life difficult by putting restrictions on myself, both in terms of nutrition and spending. Not gonna lie, the past two days I bought 2 out of 3 meals from Pret, my favourite health-conscious coffee chain. (As a side note, their five grain porridge is the bombbb!) I’m trying to focus on getting nutrients into my body, but not to freak out over cake or carbs.




Changing it up
I’ve been switching up the workouts. I’ve gone to the gym quite a few times to use the elliptical, rowing machine and stationary bike. It’s been nice to get some variety, and be able to train just cos I want to. I’ve been doing some gentle strength and conditioning work on the weak leg and wonky bum that caused me so much pain during the marathon, but I’m making sure to let everything rest up.


Having a new project
Things have been picking up at work. The second week post-marathon started out really quiet, which definitely didn’t help in my post-race slump. But thankfully I got given a new project later on this week-it’s very fast paced and an opportunity to prove myself. Let’s hope I don’t screw it up!


Running for joy!
Ok, that sounded cheesier than I intended. But Spring is finally arriving in the capital, and it’s been nice to go on runs just because I can. Instead of taking my Garmin and checking it every 30 seconds, I’ve been taking in the scenery and chatting with my running buddies. I even have a half marathon scheduled for the start of May, which is something nice (and lower pressure) to look forward to.


Screen Shot 2016-04-09 at 21.27.42


Being more present
I’ve been seeing more of my friends. Don’t get me wrong, I still managed to see everyone during training, but it was more a case of booking something in advance, like a cinema trip or tickets to the ballet, to make sure I committed, fitted it in around my training and actually showed up, no matter how crappy I felt. But this week I’ve had several impromptu catchups, and those nights are often the best!


The bloody London Marathon
It’s the London Marathon this weekend. For London’s runners, this is pretty much our Super Bowl. There’s a buzz around the city as it gears up for the race-slash-carnival of the year. I know several people running it, including two first-time marathoners, and my running club is basically having a massive party on Sunday, firstly from the sidelines and then at our favourite pub. So yeah, that’s definitely helping me get back in the running mood! I even found myself saying yesterday that I desperately missed training, and the whole race buildup.


We made signs at the office
Who knows, I may be back to marathons by Budapest in October!


How do you get yourself over the post-race slump? Any exciting races coming up for you in the next few months?


Lots of love,



3 thoughts on “Have I got my mojo back?”

  1. Nothing like watching the London Marathon to kick-start the mojo!
    My recovery is a bit like yours. I take a couple of weeks off, indulge myself a bit with food for a few days then get back into a routine of gentle training (swimming, stretching, maybe a cycle) before re-introducing some short, slow-paced runs where I simply enjoy running for the time in the great outdoors.


  2. I hope after today’s London marathon that you are getting your running mojo back. I know a lot of runners who have been through similar and I had a terrible time last year after I had to pull out of a race due to an injury that has plagued me since. I did the same as you and allowed my body recover and also my mind as well. I focused on spinning classes and I was lucky that I could still run. I introduced shorter runs before completing a race I had signed up to before the injury, but instead of racing, I ran it and enjoyed every minute. It wasn’t hard as it was at Hadrian’s wall! I think you are on the right road (excuse the pun) and it just takes time.


  3. Oooooh your comment about watching a ton of TV just made me SO excited for next week when I will be recovering from my own marathon. I can’t wait to binge watch TV after work. I watch so much less TV when I train and while that’s generally a good thing, I would love a day (or 2…or 4…) to just turn my mind off and glue my butt to the couch.

    I’m actually going to be doing quite a few things on this list. After my marathon I’m taking a 3-month hiatus from racing AND tracking my runs. That means no Garmin until August (well, I’ll probably use it just for the timer, no GPS though!). I’m excited to truly run for fun and exercise and not have to worry about training or being in shape for some race. I think it will really help me appreciate the sport more deeply. I also want to start trying more yoga, biking, and hiking.


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