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Mindfulness: Podcast of the Month

The past few weeks’ training have been quite intense, with hours at a time spent pounding the pavements of my beloved city. In a somewhat rogue move, I’ve chosen to do all my long runs (in fact, all my runs full stop) alone. A few reasons for this:


  1. I’m lazy and flaky when it comes to making plans
  2. I quite like running alone
  3. Everyone from my running club is much faster than me
  4. It’s weird mental preparation for the marathon
The last one is a bit weird I guess, but I’m hoping that if I can get out and run 20 miles completely alone and without talking to anyone for several hours, I’ll be prepared for moments of self-doubt and exhaustion when race day rolls around.


Anyway, my choice of podcast/music/audiobook has been incredibly varied, but my absolute favourite at the moment is My Dad Wrote a Porno. Let me just explain, so you can understand that it’s not as pervy as it sounds.
Some guy’s dad wrote and self-published an erotic novel on Amazon. The son, along with two comedian friends, read a chapter per week and critique it. It’s absolutely hilarious because:
  1. The poor guy’s dad wrote it
  2. It’s one of the least sexy things imaginable
  3. It’s really badly written (the syntax and grammar is rarely correct)

It’s precisely the kind of thing I need to lighten the mood when I’m running. You can often find me giggling away to myself, even after mile 10 when the pain has started to kick in. Be warned though: this is a tough one to listen to on public transport first thing in the morning- bursting into laughter spontaneously is not appreciated by morning commuters…

Does that explanation make me seem less pervy? I promise it’s worth a listen!

Any comedy podcasts you recommend? Are you judging me right now?


Lots of love,



8 thoughts on “Mindfulness: Podcast of the Month”

  1. Might look for it. I’ve tried listening to pod cast and the like, but I always fade-out into my own thoughts and when I’m back I’ve no clue what they are talking about, I’ve been getting mixes from lately for my runs.


  2. I will definitely check out that podcast! It sounds hilarious. I have just finished season one of Serial. It is one story told week by week and was very interesting!
    As for running alone for marathon prep, not weird at all. I enjoy the company of my run partners greatly, but I also enjoy running on my own. It is good mental preparation.

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