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This Girl Eats: Protein Cookies

Disclaimer: I approached The Protein Works about working together. I was already a fan of their products, and all opinions remain my own!

Ok ok, I’ve been slacking recently on my explorations into new foods- this is pretty much reflective of my life in training mode right now- I eat a lot, but it’s a very unvaried selection; I pick the foods I like and I eat them in bulk. (Weirdly, poached eggs on toast have been my go-to for quick suppers every night this week).
But I approached The Protein Works about their new Protein Cookies a few weeks before launch, asking if I could review them. Happily, they sent me a box of double chocolate chunk flavour, along with a few other goodies.
Let’s just say I loved them, and honest to God that had nothing to do with them being free.
The Pros
  • They’re gooey, chocolatey goodness- food for the soul. I was given the double chocolate flavour, which I made my way through more quickly than I’d like to admit. Each cookie has 37g of protein- impressive for a snack food.
  • Those chunks tho! Biiiiig chunks of chocolate to answer all your marathon training/PMS/bad day at the office hunger.


  • They definitely kept my running-induced hunger at bay. Occasionally if I did wake up in the night absolutely starving, half a cookie would make that go away!
The Cons
  • They’re 315 calories each. Whilst they are protein-fortified, these definitely aren’t a “health food”. Think of them more as a slightly more nutritious cheat food. If you’re like me and struggle to get enough protein in, you can substitute one (or even half) of these for your nightly digestive biscuit with a cuppa.
  • The texture was very chewy, although a bit too much at times, making me feel like I was going to dislocate my jaw.
Let’s be honest- they were pretty great, judging by how quickly I got through them. I do love The Protein Works as they’re a relatively cost-effective way of getting protein powders, foods, shakes…you name it! I also love being able to splurge on a treat without feeling 100% guilty on it, and these cookies definitely kept the hanger at bay!
Why not both?!
Have you ever tried protein cookies? What’s your ultimate treat food after a long run?
Lots of love,

3 thoughts on “This Girl Eats: Protein Cookies”

  1. I’ve never tried any protein snacks like cookies or bars but they sound cool 🙂 I’ve tried a protein shake recently so maybe I’ll give this a shot too.


  2. Met-Rx Colossal Meal Brownie, Super Chocolate Fudge, are great after a long run or ride but high in calories as well. Sometimes I take two scoops of protein powder add just enough water that when stirred it makes a pudding add peanut butter, it is great but if you worried about calories drop the peanut butter.


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