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What happened to February?

Wow folks. That’s a whole two months of 2016 just gone! They’ve absolutely flown by, and it’s time for me to finally reflect on the first two months of the year.

My new job is going really well.

I now work in Operations for a brand consultancy agency and feel like I’ve slotted right into the family. It’s a really varied role, so most mornings I walk into the office with no idea what’s coming- and I love that. The team is also really supportive of each other, and everyone has their own projects outside of the office. Everyone asks about my running (or at least tolerates my endless marathon chat) and I’ve even managed to get a few colleagues out to the park over lunch! Which brings me nicely on to…

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 16.04.01.png
Squad goals

…Lunchtime runs!

My office is close enough to Regent’s Park that lunchtime runs have become a joy and a saviour. It’s lovely to get out of the office and into the sunshine, and it’s making my training schedule a lot easier to manage by freeing up my evenings. Back when I was running anything up to 6 mile tempo runs, I could just about fit them into a lunch break (with the help of some understanding colleagues), but now I’m closer to the 8-mile mark, that’s just not feasible. I get those recovery miles in though!

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 16.03.36

My food bill has skyrocketed

Not only am I eating more in volume- to be expected during training season-, I’m also impulse-buying food on a much more regular basis. That healthy soup I brought to the office? Screw that, I’m having a sarnie. #noshame but also #nomoney.

I placed first female at an actual real-life race!

Now granted, it wasn’t an elite time by any stretch of the imagination, but it was a feeling I’ll never forget! A hilly course, fatigued legs and a 13-miler in the bag earlier on in the week. Now that’s something I’ll be proud of!

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 16.03.09.png
And this is how I celebrated

Netflix is my jam right now

By Netflix and Chill, I actually mean Breaking Bad, my pyjamas, and an amount of fro-yo to be frankly quite proud of. And yes, I’ve only just gotten into watching Breaking Bad- but I’m glad I can watch it now without all the hype!


Podcasts are a lifesaver

I get a bit bored on longer runs, and I’ve been relying heavily on podcasts and audiobooks. Two of my favourites are Serial and (completely NSFW) My Dad Wrote a Porno. More on that to follow, but it’s not actually as pervy as it seems.

Marathon training is kicking my butt

But in a good way! I’m achey, tired and hungry, all the time, but I’m weirdly finding it really satisfying. Every day brings something new, and I’m learning a lot about both the marathon process, and my own mental and physical capabilities. In the interest of honesty, I’ll admit that I’ve had a few moments of self-doubt, self-pity and general grouchiness; but all in all, my response to this training season has been overwhelmingly positive so far!

3b60f12c80be70b4e13905c22ab50cbe (1)

I’m 5 weeks out!

That means only two more weeks of mileage-building before my taper starts. I have to say I’m absolutely shitting my pants at how little time I have, but also I just want to get these two weeks over (relatively) pain-free! Quick question though… where does one actually go for a 20-mile run? It feels like I’m running out of London- my city suddenly feels very small!

What have you been up to in the start of 2016? Are you training for anything? Recommend me a podcast? 

Lots of love,




8 thoughts on “What happened to February?”

  1. I didn’t know about your first place finish – might have been in my weeks of being absent and behind – so awesome! You rock. You are getting close to your marathon! And as my miles get higher, I am with you on the Netflix and chill AND the runger. I am hungry all the effing time.

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  2. a lot like serial i went through the podcast criminal. now i am listening to this american life.

    i am also working my way through james pattersons Alex cross series, a mixture of audiobooks and real books.

    if you havent read gone girl that would be a great listen while running. so far i have read 2 of her 3 books and they are both amazing!

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