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Real Running Fuel

As I mentioned a few months ago, I’m really trying to fuel my training season with real foods. I wanted to eschew the standard GUs and gels, substituting them for good old-fashioned whole foods. Now I’m not gonna lie, I do still eat “bad” foods every once in a while- because what’s life without fun- but I’m trying to focus on high quality foods to get me through training sessions.

So without further ado, here are my favourites:

  1. Sesame Snaps


I used to have these all the time when I was a kid. They’re just great sugar- energy in a packet! I absolutely love the boost of sweetness they give me when I’m flagging in my final miles. I also have them about 30-15 minutes before I start a race- it’s become a ritual.

2. Nakd Bars


I love love love Nakd bars purely because of how junk-free they are. Whilst I don’t always take them on runs (as I need something with more of a kick), I love them for when the mid-afternoon runger strikes!

3. Cliff Bars


These bad boys are insane. Full of goodness, and packed with calories, making them ideal for long run fuel. A crunchy peanut butter Clif bar got me through my very first 13 mile run- both mentally and physically!

4. PB on toast


Recently I’ve been waking up very hungry, and swapping out my regular oatmeal for something more substantial. The PB keeps me full, and I love the flavour combination of PB and bananas! Also great for a mid-afternoon pick-me-up, especially if I’m running home in the evening.

5. Bananas


I mean, it goes without saying. Bananas are a runner’s wonderfood.

6. Nuun


When I first upped my mileage, I really struggled with headaches and cramps which I realised were due to an electrolyte imbalance. So now, I try to have Nuun both during and after a tougher run.

7. Beond bars

download (2)

I’ve already spoken about my love of Beond bars; but they keep me going, and I could run for hours on just one bar! Apple and cinnamon is my favourite flavour- it tastes really authentic and yummy!

8. Coconut water

images (3)

When Nuun won’t quite do the trick, I go for Coconut water. Back when I lived in Colombia, and coconut water was very freely available, I used to use it as a killer hangover cure. Now however, it’s used for slightly more noble purposes!

9. Soreen Malt Loaf


God love Soreen. Just like it says on the packet, it’s ‘Delicious, squidgy energy”. I love the banana flavour as well as the regular, although rumour has it that you can get more flavours in the US. I’m very jealous right now… someone send me a care package!

10. Nakd Raisins


These aren’t the highest calorie option for a long run, but they have a gorgeous, super-sweet sharpness that gives you the “mental boost” you need. (Does anyone know what I mean here?!) My favourite flavours are Cherry and Lime- I could scoff them down by the boatload!


Do you have any tips for natural fuelling? Any other products I should try?


Lots of love,

Pippa xx


15 thoughts on “Real Running Fuel”

  1. I’ve only tried the clif bars so far (and clif shots) but ive been suffering with headaches post- long run and am wondering if its electrolyte related. What exactly are the nunns? Are they like a sweet or do you put them in a drink? I might have to try some


    1. Nuun is a brand of electrolyte tablets, but all natural, no added nasties etc. Essentially you dissolve them in water, and they restore your electrolytes after a long run. I found that I used to get headaches and cramps after long or tough training sessions, but now that’s definitely much better!


  2. This post has come at the right time for me as I’m looking at my running nutrition and agreed that nakd bars are great for afternoon snack but not on a long run. I’m going to try those sesame snaps next time.


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